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Before creating a faction think of the following things:

  • Do you have enough units (leaders, tankers, melee and ranged units, magic unit, healer...)?
  • What is the story of your faction?
  • Why do you want to create a faction? (If there is no reason you shouldn't spend too much time on it)
  • What era does the Faction contain to?

If you meet all points up there it is time to create your faction. Choose some of your units that fits together(same race, lives near together) and give them a name.


Coding a Faction is not so different from writing a side in a scenario. A typical faction looks like this:

 #textdomain wesnoth-YourEra
     name= _"Aliens"
     leader=Great Alien, Alien Leader
     random_leader=Alien Leader
     recruit= Alien Worker, Alien Scout, Alien Fighter

If you use this faction in a MP-Scenario the given keys will overwrite the keys of the side tag.

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