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Often, it seems, the hardest thing for a new campaign developer to accomplish is getting his campaign to work. He creates all of the necessary files, types everything up, and when he tries to run it, an obscure error appears, stopping him from even entering his first scenario. Such errors are often difficult to debug, leaving the aspiring coder with nothing but frustration.

Because of this, an often-recommended approach is to take another campaign, already written, and use it as a code base to build your own. This tutorial takes that approach, providing a simple campaign that can be (relatively) easily altered to fit your needs.

The following links will guide you through the different sections of the tutorial. To get started, select the first link (First Campaign), and follow the instructions

  1. First Campaign
  2. First Scenario
  3. First Custom Unit


The following is a list of all the files used by this tutorial:

  • A Simple Campaign - a working skeleton campaign that can be built into a real campaign