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A list of music tracks written for the Battle for Wesnoth.

Core Music

These tracks are included in the official Battle for Wesnoth distribution, and are automatically available to any user-made scenario or campaign. To listen to them, find the data/core/music subfolder of your Wesnoth folder, and open the files with a player capable of decoding Ogg Vorbis files. For information on where to find your Wesnoth directory, see EditingWesnoth. For information on how to play .ogg files, visit http://www.vorbis.com/. The Wesnoth repository at GitHub also contains the latest version of these files.

Title Length Author File
Battle Epic 1:14 Doug Kaufman battle-epic.ogg
Battle Music 5:18 Aleksi Aubry-Carlson battle.ogg
Breaking the Chains 3:35 Mattias Westlund breaking_the_chains.ogg
Casualties of War 5:25 Tyler Johnson casualties_of_war
Defeat 0:08 Timothy Pinkham defeat.ogg
Defeat 0:14 Ryan Reilly defeat2.ogg
Elf Land 0:26 Aleksi Aubry-Carlson elf-land.ogg
Elvish Theme 3:25 Doug Kaufman elvish-theme.ogg
Frantic 2:42 Stephen Rozanc frantic.ogg
Frantic Old 1:24 Aleksi Aubry-Carlson frantic-old.ogg
Heroes' Rite 3:39 Doug Kaufman heroes_rite.ogg
Into the Shadows 3:25 Tyler Johnson into-the-shaodws.ogg
Journey's End 3:44 Mattias Westlund journeys_end.ogg
Knalgan Theme 9:17 Ryan Reilly knalgan_theme.ogg
The Knolls of Doldesh 6:49 Timothy Pinkham knolls.ogg
Legends of the North 2:43 Mattias Westlund legends_of_the_north.ogg
Love Theme 1:35 Ryan Reilly love_theme.ogg
Loyalists 2:59 Joseph G. Toscano (Zhaytee) loyalists.ogg
Main Theme 0:51 Aleksi Aubry-Carlson main_menu.ogg
Northerners 3:27 Stephen Rozanc northerners.ogg
Nunc Dimittis 3:50 Jeremy Nicoll nunc_dimittis.ogg
Over the Northern Mountains 3:33 Mattias Westlund northern_mountains.ogg
Revelation 1:17 Joseph G. Toscano (Zhaytee) revelation.ogg
Return to Wesnoth 3:56 Matthias Westlund (West) return_to_wesnoth.ogg
Sad 0:28 Tyler Johnson sad.ogg
Siege of Laurelmor 4:22 Doug Kaufman siege_of_laurelmor.ogg
Still Another Wanderer 4:22 Timothy Pinkham wanderer.ogg
Silvan Sanctuary 3:36 Matthias Westlund (West) silvan_sanctuary.ogg
Suspense 5:20 Ryan Reilly suspense.ogg
The City Falls 4:06 Doug Kaufman the_city_falls.ogg
The Dangerous Symphony 5:26 Gianmarco Leone the_dangerous_symphony.ogg
The Deep Path 3:37 Gianmarco Leone the_deep_path.ogg
The King is Dead 3:41 Mattias Westlund the_king_is_dead.ogg
The Knolls of Doldesh 6:49 Timothy Pinkham knolls.ogg
Transience 0:48 Aleksi Aubry-Carlson transience.ogg
Traveling Minstrels 3:35 Mattias Westlund traveling_minstrels.ogg
Underground 1:52 Aleksi Aubry-Carlson underground.ogg
Vengeful Pursuit 6:00 Jeremy Nicoll vengeful.ogg
Victory 0:05 Timothy Pinkham victory.ogg
Victory 0:21 Ryan Reilly victory2.ogg
Weight of Revenge 4:02 Doug Kaufman weight_of_revenge.ogg

Available Music for Add-on Authors

Any music that is licensed under the GPL or a Creative Commons license can be used by add-ons available on the official add-ons server. Additionally, the UMC Music Books and the West's Chronicles add-ons contain music that is suitable for use in add-ons.

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