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ActionWML is a summarizing term for all WML actions which can be used in events and some other places.

Types of ActionWML

  • conditional actions (ConditionalActionsWML) which contain other actions, which then are executed on certain conditions
  • [event] (see EventWML) which creates a new event handler
  • [lua] (LuaWML) which contains Lua code to be executed, and
  • all tags created from lua with wesnoth.register_wml_action (if they don't fit in one of the categories above)

Where ActionWML can be used

ActionWML can be used

  • inside an [event], to define a event handler (see EventWML)
  • inside a [then] or [else] of an [if] tag (see ConditionalActionsWML).
  • inside a [case] or [else} of a [switch] tag (see ConditionalActionsWML).
  • inside the [do] of a [while] tag (see ConditionalActionsWML).
  • inside a [command] tag (in [option] or [set_menu_item] or directly as ActionWML) (see InterfaceActionsWML).
  • in certain Lua-created tags (if the registered WML action handler interprets the content as ActionWML)