Xdelta for Linux

From The Battle for Wesnoth Wiki
  1. deinstall old version (v1.0rc1 in our example)
  2. Get the Xdelta package with your favourite packet managemant (e.g. apt, aptitude ...)
  3. Get the Xdelta file for Wesnoth (e.g. rc1to10-source.xdelta which updates source from v1.0rc1 to v1.0)
  4. Source tarball and xdelta file have to be in the same directory (e.g. /usr/local/games/)
  5. Patch the old source like this: xy:/usr/local/games# xdelta patch rc1to10-source.delta -> when finish, there should be another tarball with the recent version now (in our example wesnoth-1.0.tar.gz)
  6. tar xzf /usr/local/games/wesnoth-1.0.tar.gz
  7. cd /usr/local/games/wesnoth-1.0
  8. ./configure
  9. make
  10. make install (as root)
  11. new version should be installed now
  12. have fun and be nice and friendly to other players ;)
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