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This is a Setup Guide for the Coordinated User-made Content Development Project.

Here you will find step by step instructions on how to setup your system to collaborate with other players through SVN as well as various tips on how to use it.



  • Create an account in Sourceforge if you don't already have one.
  • Install Subversion. (on Debian and variants: sudo apt-get install subversion)
  • Install an ssh client if you don't have one already (i.e. openssh-client)
  • Package your campaign into a compressed file and mail it over to Shadow Master. He should notify you when it is uploaded and prepared, and he'll give you some additional/specific instructions.
  • Connect to the IRC channel #wesnoth-umc-dev @ irc.freenode.net regularly if you can, to coordinate development with others or get notified of news by the repository admins.
  • Once the OK is given, go to your Sourceforge account's SSH key page
  • If you don't have an ssh key, follow the instructions here to to create one.
  • Open your public key file (probably under you .ssh directory, id_rsa.pub), copy and paste the verbatim contents into the "Authorized Keys" textbox in the Sourceforge page. Save.
  • Under your Sourceforge account page you should now see that you have 1 key shared.
  • Once your campaign has been prepared, go to a directory of your choice (Suggestion: Create a new directory in your home directory with an appropriate name like svn or dev)
  • Checkout your first version by running this command
    svn co https://wesnoth-umc-dev.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/wesnoth-umc-dev/branches/1.4/[YOUR CAMPAIGN NAME]
replacing of course [YOUR CAMPAIGN NAME] with your own campaign's directory name.
(Don't forget to change 1.4 to the version of Wesnoth your campaign is for)
  • You are now ready to contribute. Start by reading the SVN book (Chapter 2 is the initial you need although 1 and 3 should be read eventually)


OSX (Mac)



Some basic commands to get jumpstarted with SVN

  • svn status: Check which files are different from your previous checkout from the server
  • svn commit: Upload your changes to the server. When you try to commit, you will be asked for an password. If your current PC's username is the same as your sourceforge account, just put your sourceforge password. Otherwise, press enter once to insert your username as well.
  • svn add: Adds the specified files/directory (and the contents of the directory) to the local working copy.

IRC Bots

  • CIA: Messages the channel when any commits happen including the message and the revision

Preparing Windows for use with important tools

Since Windows is not POSIX-compliant it will not work with some important tools like wesnoth-optipng. You will have to use Cygwin in order to use these tools from a Windows box.

  • Open the file, hit next and make sure the radio button is on "Install from Internet."
  • On the left pane choose the desired option. On the right pane choose "Unix/binary (RECOMMENDED)." I would recommend installing Cygwin to the root of your C:/ drive unless you are installing it to a portable device (if this is the case I also recommend installing Cygwin to the root of that drive).
  • Hit next and choose the place where you want the files to be dumped.
  • Hit next and choose the necessary options.
  • Hit next and choose the mirror of which you desire to use.
  • Hit next and look for "Python" and click "Default" until it says "Install."
  • Look for "Perl", click "Default" until it says "Install."
  • Click the plus sign next to "Graphics" and look for "ImageMagick: Image manipulation software suite (utilities), if it says "Skip" change it to "Install."
  • Look for "libImageMagick1", if it says "Skip" change it to "Install."
  • If you do not wish to use a graphical client then hit the plus sign next to "Devel" and look for "subversion", if it says "Skip" change it to "Install." I recommend you use command-line SVN from Cygwin so you don't have to run dos2unix on all your files before committing...
  • Hit next and wait for the download... Once it is finished check/uncheck the checkboxes you wish to check/uncheck.
  • Download this file and take "optipng.exe" from it and dump it in the bin folder. (The bin folder is in the directory in which you installed Cygwin).
  • Download this file. Extract all the .exe (s) and "zlib.dll" into bin.
  • Dump wmlident and friends into bin; make sure you dump the wesnoth directory into bin as well as wmlindent and friends need the contents to function. Said directory can be found in the same directory as wmlindent and friends.
  • Enjoy!
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