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Wesnoth has a blog! Written by db0 . Although there is not much there yet, the idea shows promise.

As db0 said: "You may be wondering why I did this. Why I created this page when it is dubious is anyone is going to use it or visit it. Well, the truth is that I just wanted to. Wesnoth has always been one of my hobbies and even though I haven’t managed to contribute as much as I would like to in the last years, it was always on my mind to go back to it and contribute."

Forum Thread: The Wesnoth Journals...

Did you know...

1.5.1 is out! Check the dev version for new features! The download link has been taken off the main page for the dev releases, as the average player should not be downloading them. Potential hotbed of controversy!


In the profiles section, The Observer is proud to offer interviews with wesnoth developers! Read about them now!

On some day...

The Battle for Wesnoth unit pages, long out of date, have been redone for 1.4.0! Now with improved accuracy, readability, detail, and pictures. Made anew by Aethaeryn.

Wesnoth Horoscope

The Era of Myths tournament is in full swing! Thank you Velensk for organizing it.

Matchups for 06:47, 29 June 2008 (UTC) :

  • DDR vs Velensk
  • Slug vs Sombra
  • AI vs Turin
  • Mica vs F8
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