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Unfortunately, the Units:{UNIT_NAME} synax, which with the previous wiki linked to the units.cgi page for that unit, no longer works. I have no clue what allowed it to work previously, but it would be really good if it could work once again. It is used most often in this page.

Where are the Heros?

Where are the Heros (Initiate, Deathmaster, Demilich, Dread Lich, Fighter, Noble Fighter, Mounted Fighter, Orcish Leader, Orcish Shaman, Old Orcish Shaman, Elvish Lord, Troll Hero, Warrior King, and so on)? --Drake Raider 16:44, 21 January 2006 (CET)Drake Raider (P.S. I noticed this problem in the Experiance Tree too, and it was missing the Cockatrice and the Fire Dragon as well)

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