Release Notes 1.15.7

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New Content

View Help In Multiplayer Lobby

It is now possible to use the F1 key to view the in-game Help in the multiplayer lobby.

Changes To Existing Content

Add-ons Manager

It's now possible to install or switch to any version of an add-on if it is available on the server using the new dropdown list in the add-ons manager UI.

Replay Chat

It is now possible to set the Chat Lines preference to 0. This will prevent any of the game chat from showing up while watching the replay.

Unit Balancing

Dune Rider: XP changed from 42 to 47.

Sunderer line: Defense on hills changed from 60% to 50%.

Scorcher: Gold cost changed from 23 to 25.

Dragoon: Gold cost changed from 27 to 28.

Elvish Rider: Gold cost changed form 32 to 28.


Scepter of Fire: Scenario 4

A bug introduced in 1.15.3 prevented players from winning because the gold deposit that should have been collected to finish the scenario was never spawned. It can once again be completed by collecting all resource deposits on the map and returning them to the starting castle.

Unit Statuses

In previous 1.15 releases, unit statuses like Poisoned and Slowed were no longer being shown in the game sidebar. This has been fixed and statuses will once again be shown.

Dismissing A Unit When There Are None

In previous releases it was possible to cause Wesnoth to crash by clicking the Dismiss button in the Recall Unit dialog when there were no units possible to recall.

Editor Crash When Switching Scenarios

When switching from a scenario in the editor that has more sides than the scenario being switched to, it was possible for the editor to crash back to the main menu. This has been fixed.

Editor Crash When Dragging Labels

In previous releases, attempting to drag and drop a label in the editor could result in a crash. This has now been fixed.


Newly Introduced Issues

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