Release Notes 1.15.5

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New Content

World Conquest Translations

Support for translations has been added for World Conquest. That said, it will likely be some time until non-English translations are available.

Royal Warrior Portrait

A new portrait for the Royal Warrior has been added.

Changes To Existing Content

Northern Rebirth Campaign

The evil branch of the campaign has been removed. This consisted of 5 incomplete scenarios, and there was no way for the player to choose to play this branch. Note: if you want to play this branch, it's been completed in Northern Rebirth Remake on the 1.14 add-ons server.

Mushrooms Terrain

The graphic for lone mushroom hexes was made smaller.

Additionally, for single player campaigns the old, deprecated mushroom terrain has been converted to the newer mushroom terrain. Visually the new terrain will be identical to 1.14. Functionally however it will now work the same as forests do, where movement costs and unit defense is on the combined terrain. For example, mushroom on hills would previously take all movement and unit defense values from the mushroom part of the terrain and ignore the hills part - now both the mushroom part of the terrain and the hills part of the terrain will be taken into account. This terrain update will be implemented for multiplayer maps and World Conquest in a later release.

Quick Trait Removed In Multiplayer Survivals

For survival scenarios that come with the base game, leader units with low movepoints - mainly Knalgans - are no longer given the Quick trait.


Translatable Add-on Titles and Descriptions

Fixed translatable add-on titles and descriptions not showing up when the game language is set to the system default language and not stated explicitly.

A New Land Mushroom Harvesting

Peasants can harvest mushrooms again. In 1.15.4 a bug meant that the option to do this was missing from the work menu.

Help Browser

Fixed inconsistent behavior for single-clicks opening and closing sections. Single-clicking on the text part of the tree view now always shows that topic in the right-hand panel, while single-clicking on the icon to the left of the text expands and collapses the tree view.

In the units' help, the Dunefolk and Human pages now link to each other, and clarify that the Dunefolk are a group of Humans. When playing the Under the Burning Suns campaign, the Quenoth and Elf pages do the same.

Crash When Loading Saves

An easily triggered bug that resulted in Wesnoth crashing when reloading a save file from the main menu or after being defeated as been fixed.

Unit Icons Missing In Editor Unit Tool

This bug resulted in the unit icons displayed in the unit placer tool in the scenario editor instead showing up with the placeholder used for missing images. In 1.15.5 the units' icons should once again be displayed.

macOS Unreadable Fonts

In macOS there would often be places where text was nearly unreadable due to issues with the font being used - text would often appear very thin and-or partially transparent. This has been fixed and all text should now be displayed normally on macOS.

Under the Burning Suns Campaign

A terrain bug in the scenario Across The Harsh Sands was causing far too few ghosts to spawn. This has been fixed, and the intended number of ghosts will now spawn in this scenario.

World Conquest Campaign

The text in this campaign has had many spelling and grammar corrections.

Newly Introduced Issues


macOS Minimum Requirements

For 1.15.5 and later, the minimum required macOS operating system version is now 10.11. For 1.15.4 and earlier, the minimum required macOS operating system version is 10.8.

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