Release Notes 1.15.14

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New Content

Unit graphics

A portrait has been added for the Seahorse, Jinn, Fire Guardian, and Fire Wraith.

Unit animations have been added for the Seahorse, Jinn, and Fire Wraith.

The snowy and dead oak variants of the great tree terrain have been added, along with the icy cobbles terrain.

Isle of Mists

A new single player or coop survival scenario, Isle of Mists, has been added. This plays in the same vein as Dark Forecast, where you try to survive against increasingly difficult, randomized waves of enemies.

Changes To Existing Content

Unit balancing

Dune Apothecary experience needed to level up changed from 100 to 65.

Dune Captain experience needed to level up changed from 86 to 75.

Dune Herbalist cost changed form 15 to 14.

Dune Horse Archer experience needed to level up changed form 70 to 65.

Naga Sicarius hp changed form 55 to 53 and melee damage changed form 9 to 6; new special "deflect" added to melee attack.

Fire Guardian can now level into Fire Wraith; experience needed to level up for Fire Guardian changed from 50 to 29.

Revised stats of all animal horses; Bay Horse can now level into Great Horse.

Client/server secure communication

In previous releases of Wesnoth, when communicating with the multiplayer and add-ons server, only the password was sent during the login process was sent in a secure manner. With this release, all communication done between Wesnoth and the multiplayer or add-ons server is done securely using the standard TLS protocol.


Add-ons manager invalid WML error

The in-game add-ons manager will no longer display an error when used to update add-ons or select the add-on version to download.

Multiplayer lobby responsiveness

The responsiveness of the multiplayer lobby when a lot of players are online has been greatly improved.


Minimum boost version

The minimum required version of Boost is now 1.66.

Known Issues

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