Release Notes 1.14.14

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New Content

Translatable Addon Titles and Descriptions

It's now possible to add translated titles and descriptions to your addons, so they will show up in the target language when browsing the in-game addon manager. The original English title is also displayed below and can be searched for in addition to translations. If you want to add a translated title and description to your addon, see the wiki page.

Changes To Existing Content

Multiplayer Maps

The 5 player map The Wilderlands received changes to some castles & villages, the northern river, and embellishments. It has also been made easier for player 5 to get an overview over his monsters by using the shortcut »n« to cycle through all units.


Scenario Files Created by the Scenario Editor

The scenario editor creates .cfg files; but if you edit that .cfg by hand and then use the scenario editor again, the editor will completely rewrite it, likely removing any hand-edited WML. A comment warning about this is now added at the top of these .cfg files.

Crash When Add-ons Contain Translations

This bug caused Wesnoth to crash when it was installed to a location with certain non-English character in the folder name and there was also an add-on installed that had translations present. This was reported as affecting Chinese characters, however it likely would have affected others as well.

Multiplayer Lobby Crash To Main Menu

This was a common issue that would force Wesnoth to close the multiplayer lobby and return to the main menu. This was triggered by the list of games in the lobby being filtered in some way (such as selecting the "Vacant slots" checkbox), a game being selected, and then the list of games updating to remove the selected game from being displayed (such as the game no longer having any vacant slots).

macOS Fonts Unreadable

Certain text on macOS was being displayed as nearly transparent and as such was very difficult to read under any conditions.

Crash When Unit Placed On Map

In certain circumstances, a unit being placed on the map would cause Wesnoth to crash. This primarily affected add-ons which tried to use the same ID for multiple units at the same time.

Newly Introduced Issues

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