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Brotherhood Of Light

This MP scenario has a fairly good storyline, and advanced RPG elements. The elements are varied, and quite helpful. Players must stick together, and engage in a lot of teamwork to survive. However, the drawback is a huge amount of dialog the player has to wade through. When playing on the MP server, it was found that having each player read and respond to his own personal dialog made for long pauses in which nothing was happening. Due to the extreme length and amount dialog in this scenario, Brotherhood Of Light is best played as a hotseat game.

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-- DDR

The Qesicans

The Qesicans Era shows promise. While not much in combat, their excellent speed lends them an edge over slower opponents. Although still being balanced, it represents a refreshing tactics change.

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-- DDR

Modular MP RPG

This 'era' is a very different approach at bob_the_mighty's RPG's. You choose almost everything about your character, then send them on ridiculous quests. It has a VERY long way to go, but is still awesome and more then worth a download as is.

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-- major_sephiroth

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