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Mystic Group

The mystic group is a work in progress currently being worked on by Frost_PFSV, Mnewton1, and Saige

Story Line

First Scenario Dialogue

Written by Frost_PFSV

On an island southwest of Wesnoth, the Mystics live in peace. They were divided into four groups of Mystics: Fire, Shadow, Ice, and Arcane. Mystics is a term that they considered as "Magic User". All Mystics could use magic to a certain aspect, whether is was a magical attack or magical armor and weapons. Each group could use a diffrent magic power, like Ice could use Fire or Shadow. They just prefered the element that they called themself. They were ruled by the four Great Mystics, one of each element. The four Great Mystics took twenty of the best Mystics from each group to serve as their defence. These eighty were not allowed to help anyone but the Four Great Mystics. Everything was going well until the groups began to fight. The Shadow group and Fire group fought each other first over a matter of land. Then the Arcane stepped in to help the Fire and the Fire turned on them. It turned into a three-way war. Ice stood aside until the three other groups forced it into picking a side. It stood it's ground and entered the war as it's own group. Each group got rid of all of the Mystics that used another element and sent them to that Mystic group. Even if they had lived in that group all of their life. The Great Mystics tried to make peace, but were forced to flee off of the continent leaving their "Mystics" to try to help. It did no good, each group took back the their mystics and nothing was left to help settle the peace.

Tios Farbrand, an Ice Mystic, stood tall as he saw the red banner coming his way. He was the only "Mystic" that could not use magic. He couldn't even weild a magical weapon, it repeled his hand if he tried to grab it. No one would accept him, but the Ice Mystics, so he decided to fight for them. However, he was on guard duty of the smallest village on the boarder and expected no fight. He was kinda surprised to see the fire banner. Norist Iceshot, an Ice Elementalist, was at his side. A loyal partner, he was and would follow Tios anywhere. "Ready for this?" (Tios) "Indeed my friend, let them come." (Norist) The banner was in clear view as the leader yelled at Tios. "Surrender and no harm will come to your village!" (Fire Leader) "Never, Ice Mystics to arms!" (Tios)

The battle was easier than Tios thought, his small band of Ice Mystics took down the enemy with ease. Some villagers were slain, but Tios honored their sacrafice. "Norist, why do we have to keep fighting?" (Tios) Tios hated to fight for just one thing, like to fight just for the Ice Mystics. Norist put his arms in his robes. "What do you have in mind young Tios?" (Norist) The Ice Mystics that were around them, that he had recruited were watching him. "I want...Peace, Norist. I think it would be best." (Tios) "We are going to need more than just Ice Mystics for peace. You realize that right?" (Norist) "Yes, we need to most further east. To the Arcane Mystics. We need some of them on our side." (Tios)

The island was divided almost perfectly into fourths. Ice to the northwest of the island, Arcane to the northeast, Shadow to the southwest, and Fire to the southeast. Tios was right on the village in the corner the most southeast in the Ice Mystics, that was how the Fire Mystics were able to attack him. He headed northeast, north by a little, but enough to call it northeast. He and his small group of Ice Mystics, around 30 to 50, arrived at a small encampment of Arcane Mystics. They were under attack, by none other than one of the Ice Mystic Generals.

Second Scenario Dialogue

Written by Frost_PFSV

"Tios, why have you left your post in Horis? Either way it is good to see you here, why is your flag purple?" (Fineo) Fineo Icebrase was the thrid lead general of the Ice Mystics. Tios changed his flag from the ice blue to a noble purple. "I am no longer on your side, I fight for the peace of the Mystics." (Tios) "Traitor! Die like all the rest." (Fineo)

Luckily the villages that were under Tios' control let him summon not only the Ice Mystics, but also the Arcane Mystics. The villages understood that he was trying to bring peace. The combined force of the two took down both enemies. The Arcane general surrendered after Fineo was killed by Tios. "I will not fight you, but rather join you. You can have access to the Arcane Mystics in this area as we all want peace. But my Lord will not join you." (General Albes Grisher) "Excellent. Now that we have to types of Mystics on our side, lets go to the Fire Mystics and see if they will help" (Tios)

Third Scenario Dialogue

Written by Frost_PFSV

They traveled directly south, they learned that Albes was an expert marksman. Tios was glad to have him and some of the Arcane Mystics in his group. They traveled for what seemed like days until they finally set up a small camp, they only made small rest stops here and there. Little did they know they passed a small fire camp and were being followed by the Ice Mystic second in command, Chilz Dame. He led a huge army, not the main one though, but was spotted imediatly. "Great, what do we do? Save his neck or help the Fire Mystic?" (Norist) "Either way, we might have to fight the opposing team on either side.." (Albes) "True, but we need Fire Mystics, and there isn't enough villages to recruit enough if any at all." (Tios) "I'll help with that, but you need to flee." (A voice in the woods) A Knight came out of the bushes wearing red armor. He was a Fire Mystic, but not an enemy. Tios nodded. "Alright, lets get out of here." (Tios)

Fourth Scenario Dialogue

Written by Frost_PFSV

They fled as fast as they could leaving the doom behind them. The Fire Mystics name was Kalif Origato, a wandering Mystic Knight. "I wanted to help you. I think this area is safe for now, we are in enemy territory no matter where we go. Ah crap monsters have settled in." (Kalif) "Well at least these guys are kinda mindless." (Norint) He laughed. "Well let's take them on, hey look it seems some villages have settled down, capture a few of them and I'm sure we can get some Fire Mystics." (Albes) "Careful, we don't want another fight. Try to defend the villages at all costs." (Kalif) "Right, Mystics to arms!" (Tios)

"Excellent, the villages have agreed to join our ranks!" (Tios) "Now all we need is Shadow Mystics." (Kalif) "Yes, winter is upon us, lets take the monsters base and set up camp there. I don't like my back to the outer area." (Norint)

The first half of winter was hard on the three groups. The Fire Mystics tried to keep everyone warm, the Arcane gave light whenever Fire could not and Ice tried to keep the cold harsh winds away. The three worked together to survive and were doing well. Until one night a group of Fire Mystics found the area. They surronded them and waited for them to awake. Tios was the first to awake and notice that something was very wrong. "Awake my men! The Fire Mystics have found us! Raise the alarm and awake everyone!" (Tios) Norint and Kalif arrived immediatly. "Albes will be coming soon, with reinforcements from the villages." (Kalif) "Alright! Mystics to arms!" (Tios)

Fifth Scenario Dialogue

Written by Frost_PFSV and one edit by Mnewton1

The battle was long and ridiculous. The Fire Mystics slaughtered enough of Tios' people, but luckily he was able to beat them back with the reinforcements that Albes brought. "Why do they want us dead?" (Tios) "We invade and offer peace..Must be something to it." (Norist) "Why? Do they just not want peace?" (Tios) "Why don't you take everyone that wants it and leave the island?" (Norist) "Because, I'm a man of my word, Norist. I will bring peace to the mystics, even if it costs me my life." (Tios) "Understood, sir." (Norist)

The winter finally ended and the group had survived. Tios gathered his men and scouted the small area to find what had happened to the dead bodies, they either had rotted or froze. They burned what they could and went back to camp. They planned a day to leave. The day came and they villagers gathered their things. Little did they know, fleeing Ice Mystics had found them. "Damn, we can't go anywhere without a fight! No time to argue, fight so we can flee ourselves! Mystics to arms!" (Tios)

It was an easy fight and they left the area in haste. The ran into Shadow Mystic territory. Little did they know a free for all was happening in the area. They quickly made camp seeing as all four groups were fighting.

"I need some shadow mystics! Quickly evacuate the villages and bring me shadow mystics! There art will be needed if we are to defeat the fire mystics!" (Tios)

Sixth Scenario Dialogue

Written by Frost_PFSV

Luckily Tios was not aimed at as he got the fifth village evaced. He breathed inwards and found that he had done what he needed to. The battle ended with the Shadow Mystics almost dead while everyone else fled. Tios looked at the crumbling Shadow Mystics. He raised his sword in hand and felt a powerful surge of energy overcome him. He could cast all four magic blasts. "Impossible, how?" (Tios) "You are the bringer of peace." (Norist) "Let's finish this!" (Albes) "I'm ready, the Shadow Mystics will be the first to fall to Tios' peace." (Kalif) "I am Tios Farbrand, Peacegiver to the Mystics..Shadow Mystics fall to my power..Mystics to arms!" (Tios)

The battle was alot easier than most. His new powers gave him incredible strength against any foe that he had to fight. He called on no one but his friends to help him. After the fight the Shadow Mystic surrendered and died. Tios had to kill all that opposed him with fight, unlike Albes who offered peace when he saw it. "Finally, each Mystic is helping me. Now we need to find a way to get more to help." (Tios) "The Neutral area. We are likely to find the Great Mystics. If it is possible, we can ask for their help." (Norist) Tios agreed. "Kalif, are you with me? Albes, you too?" (Tios) "I've been with you for a while now and see that you alone control the peace of this era. I will follow you." (Albes) "I see that you are more of a leader than my old leader. I will continue to follow to see this to the end." (Kalif)

So, they travel northeast into neutral territory. News of Tios' Peacekeepers spread through the land. They allowed him into their land without question. What they saw was horrible, burned villages, Mystics trying to keep alive by finding shelter, there was hardly any, and less food than Tios had ever thought. He looked back to his villagers and smiled. "This is what we fight for, to end all of this my friends. Now we must seek the Great Mystics. This land is small but is easy to hide in. Help in anyway possible, go set up camp." (Tios) They set up camp and allowed the poor villagers to live in their camps and gave them food. They sang songs of joy and peace. Until they heard swords in the distance. Tios camp out of his camp with Norist and Albes. Albes immediatly took defence of the group while Norist and Tios ran to find out what had happened. They came across Kalif holding off three Fire Mystics and joined to help him.

Kalif was wounded badly. Norist took him back to camp while Tios surveyed the area more. A dim blue light appeared in front of him and a Ice Mystic appeared in front of him. It was the Great Mystic of Ice.

Seventh Scenario Dialogue

Written by Frost_PFSV

"Tios, I have been watching you very carefully. The peace you seek, is it of your own personal gain or is it for the Mystics? I seem to see a dark and corrupt side to you, as seen not to long ago when the four of us granted you the power of the Mystics." (Great Mystic of Ice) "I follow the good of the Mystics. I would never use it for personal gain. And what do you mean the "four of you"?" (Tios) The Great Mystic of Ice smiled happily. "The other Great Mystics, of course. Did you think we would hide alone? Either way, if this is for the good of the Mystics, we need you to...How do I say this, kill each leader of each group..It will cause enough chaos so that way they can see their evil ways. You have support from all four groups, it should be easy enough for you." (Great Mystic of Ice) Tios thought about it for a while. "I shall do what is asked, under one condition. You give me the right to leave with the people I've gathered when this is all over. I don't want to live on this corrupt land anymore and I know my people don't." (Tios) The Great Mystic of Ice thought on this idea for a moment. He then looked at Tios directly in the eyes. "I know you have about seven hundred people, minus the neutral area. The four of us will create four boats to carry you away to another uncharted island to Wesnoth. If they were to find out about this, they would try to steal our power." (Great Mystic of Ice) "Wesnoth?" (Tios) He stared at the mage with curiosity. "You will learn in due time. I must leave, you will start at the Fire Mystics when Kalif feels up to the challenge." (Great Mystic of Ice)

The rest have yet to be finished.


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