Medieval Era

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This was never implemented. It's being kept under Future in case someone wants to revive the idea.

Medieval Era, short review: medieval era is a project currently in very early stage. It was started and is currently worked on only by kshinji. The object of project is era with altered gameplay.

First of all, terrains used in medieval era would be:

  • grassland = standard terrain
  • road = terrain enhancing mobilty of cavalry and siege machines
  • forest = tought terrain, slightly good for defence, everyone will be able to hide there
  • hills = tought terrain, good for defence
  • mountains = very hard or impassable terrain, very good for defence
  • shallow water = very hard or impassable terrain, very low defence
  • swamp = very hard or impassable terrain, units lose hp on it

Units for first release would be:

  • swordsmen
  • shielders
  • pikiners
  • archers
  • calavry
  • hussars
  • mnt. archers
  • scouts
  • catapult

Leader would be unit of 1hp, high level and leadership. Involving him in combat would be risky, but effective.

The era would contain of mappack with maps balanced for and suitable to playing the era. Also, some of maps would be with disabled recruit, and constant army, while some willl allow recruiting.


  • Attacks should either be _swarm(20)-2_ or _3-swarm(20)_
  • Attacking archers would suffer no retaliation.
  • Defending archers should somehow deal part of their blows first, maybe with firststrike or enhanced firststrike.
  • Mounted units would have twice lower number of blows and twice bigger damage when attacking, to represent impact of charge.


  • Normal maps would have to be balanced, robably entirely new maps would be made.
  • Also, scenarios with predefined armies would ba made.


  • There could be made some campaigns. :-)
  • One special campaing would be made probably (but its a lot of work):
    • In first scenario player sees map of world, and he can move armies and when he batlles, he goes to new scenario. Hecaptures new cities and gets more money. If possible, this could be multipliered.
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