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The Fall of Silvium

another campaign by Turin

This campaign deals with the final days of the Lavinian Empire, and the events surrounding its downfall. You are Caius Regilius, tribune of Silvia, a province of Lavinia and the front lines of the battle that is to come.

The current version is 0.1.7, released June 13, 2006. 3 out of 8 scenarios are complete.

Note: This page appears to be out of date. Fall of Silvum appears to be playable today, April 27 2014, and available on the 1.10 add-on server.

List of Scenarios

  • Return from Lavinium
  • The Raid
  • Down the Silvia River
  • The Port City
  • Iceswept Bay
  • The Other Forest
  • Mount Stormkeep
  • To Arendia
  • The Emperor
  • Two Years Later
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