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Rise of Heroes

Rise of Heroes is the tentative name for the project that will bring many aspects of roleplaying, troop and city management in a period of political upheaval. This era and scenario is heavily inspired by the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series.


(This is subject to change. In fact, this can easily (and likely will) be reworked, especially should this conflict with other histories.)

13th Century YW

Through continual population growth and improvements in farming and trade, Wesnoth once again goes through a century of expansion. Wesnoth becomes more decentralized as power shifts away from the King and towards local governors. Cities expand and new settlements arise, but all the same, many of which contract almost to the brink of collapse as plague threatens the core of the Empire itself before recovering.

1207 YW

Vikren I succumbs to illness and leaves the Empire to his eldest son, Tyndal.

1217 YW

Barbarian warlords from the north threaten the Empire, cutting supplies and trade and assume power in the region.

1218 YW

Tyndal dies in battle staving off an attack by barbarians. The crown is passed onto his younger brother, Bronden.

1219 YW

A daughter, Yondia, is born under King Bronden.

1223 YW

To help control and restore order to the Empire, King Bronden institutes governors of regions and bestows additional power and resources. The measures gradually work, re-instating peace.

1225 YW

After many unsuccessful attempts, the queen finally bears a son named Vikren for King Bronden, but succumbs during childbirth.

1230 YW

Plague sweeps across Wesnoth. Attempts are made containing the spread of the disease. Mages are tasked with studying and finding a cure for it, but fail in producing an antidote. Population in many towns and cities, which previously had been booming, fall as much as a third.

1232 YW

Despite best efforts to control the disease, Bronden passes away from the illness. His first son, Vikren II, is crowned king. Seeing that the new king is only 7 years of age, a regency council is established to aid the king until he is of adulthood.

1240 YW

Young Vikren II turns 15 and is given rule to the kingdom. Princess Yondia and various advisors are retained to help.

1247 YW

Vikren II has a son, named after himself.

1249 YW

Vikren II has a second son, Menric.

1250 YW

Vikren II has a third son, Erwel.

1254 YW

A second wave of plague ravages Wesnoth, even deadlier than before. Prince Erwel contracts the disease and passes away at a young age.

1255 YW

Vikren II has a fourth son, Avila. He would later go on to take an oath of celibacy as a monk.

1258 YW

Advances in medicine helps fight off disease across Wesnoth. It would take decades, but slowly the ecnomony and population would resume growth.

1263 YW

Corrupt officials cause civil unrest in some portions of the empire. The Royal Army is reformed and struggles to maintain control of Wesnoth's vast territories.

1266 YW

Menric is killed during a campaign to restore order in Fort Tahn. Fortunately, the fort is saved.

1269 YW

As the government slowly becomes weaker, local governments exploit civilians, resulting in revolt and challenges to leadership. The central government chooses not to intervene by force, instead deciding to gift its governors with troops and resources.

1280 YW

Vikren III has a son, Caralder.

1283 YW

Vikren III has a daughter, Nisse.

1284 YW

Vikren II dies from old age. His son Vikren III ascends to the throne.

Events in "Rise of Heroes" begin here.

1292 YW

King Vikren III acknowledges he has chosen a new general, Lidalfus, of his Royal Army, and further details its purpose of solely defending Weldyn. People take this as a sign that the kingdom cannot defend itself.

1297 YW

Vikren III's first son, Caralder, is killed in battle defending Elensefar.

1298 YW

Vikren III is nearly assassinated by an unknown man. However, the king sustains a serious injury. Seeing the king's weakenss and the government's inability to protect its leadership, factions organize in hopes of overtaking or succeeding from Wesnoth.

14th Century YW

The Warring States period of Wesnoth's history details a very fragile time, rife with change and rise to power of heroes across the land. Corruption, plague, poor crop yields and general civil unrest, coupled by the king's death leads to a powerless throne. Factions emerge to assume control of Wesnoth.

1302 YW

Vikren III dies from his wounds. His younger brother, Avila, is proclaimed king, but its effect is mostly ceremonial and nothing more. Realizing he's not a soldier, as the only way to restore order, he decides to try and work with the fighting warlords instead of against them. Fearing for the king's safety, the council prevents the king from leaving Weldyn, forcing the king to place power in diplomats to work behind the scenes.

1306 YW

King Avila dies from old age. Having not an heir, officials are unsure who would inherit the throne. A rule dictating that each heir must be preceded by a man is re-interpreted to mean any person of closest royal lineage. Princess Nisse is touted Queen, should an heir not reveal himself.

1311 YW

After a false heir is found, and tensions rising, the core government decides that instating a new ruler may bring renewed hope and end Wesnoth's civil war. Princess Nisse is quickly crowned Queen, the first female ruler in many centuries. The war continues, and her first action is to help quell the remaining threats in the land.

1313 YW

Queen Nisse bears a baby boy. She names him Vikren, after her father, and boldly declares he will inherit the throne upon her death.

1315 YW

Repesenting an emerging faction, a mysterious warlord defeats his main opponent in a bid to reunite Wesnoth. Living in exile for 18 years he reveals himself as Prince Caralder. People are stunned. The Queen meets with him and publicly acknowledges he is in fact her brother. Behind the scenes, the two would meet quite frequently, in secrecy.

1316 YW

Despite being heir, Prince Caralder has both followers and enemies. Some wish to welcome the new prince back but others wish him to hang for treason. Caralder publicly declines an offer for the throne unless the other factions and loyalists to the old crown cede power. This controversial stipulation is hard for others to accept, so loyalists to the crown view him as a criminal. Queen Nisse does what she can to prevent escalating hostilities towards her brother's faction.

1316 YW - 1328 YW

Several factions continue to fight over Wesnoth, with four factions primarily making up the empire. Weldyn continues to take a wait-and-see approach and cautiously defends its turf while continuing to negotiate between the factions. Several summits are held and after a third attempt peace is almost brokered before old feuds and petty remarks break the talks. Tentative alliances form and generals defect as war continues without an end in sight.

1328 YW

Prince Caralder dies in battle. Queen Nisse chooses to have his death treated as a king's death. Controversially, on the anniversary of his death the following year, she instructs scholars to list him as king along with her rule.

1332 YW

The Wesnoth Civil War officially ends with a newly strengthened governemnt. Representation from Wesnoth's territories in Weldyn is started as a means to unite the nation. Queen Nisse is restored some power, with further delegated duties and more attention to governors and magistrates. Although it would take years to rebuild, Wesnoth quickly enters into very propserous times.

Events in "Rise of Heroes" end here.

1344 YW

Queen Nisse, upon recently becoming ill, decides to give power to her son, Vikren IV, and proclaims him king. Although she would recover, her motivation was to help give Wesnoth effective and active rulers, fearing that another illness may leave Wesnoth without a capable leader.

1351 YW

Queen Nisse dies at age 72. She is given a ceremony as a king.

1378 YW

Vikren IV dies after a long, successful reign. His son Vikren V claims the throne.

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