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This is the developer roadmap page. If you are a user, please don't edit this. Instead, file a feature request on the Wesnoth issue tracker

  • Ideas that are abandoned, or with little hope and wishes to be completed by others will be italicized
  • Already working/started ideas will be in bold
  • Normal ideas will be in plain text


  • Merge and stabilize the formula branch of the AI code. See [1]


  • Chained savefiles and a two-level UI where you first browse games, then saves within a game. See [2]. (Blocked on Mordante's cleanup of the save logic.)
  • New build system -- probably scons, though that is not yet certain. See [3]. (scons conversion is DONE.)


  • Rewrite the drawing of tiles and the things on them, concept code is already done. Once done this bug [4] can be fixed. It also allows this [5] to be done. (Units done, terrain, profiling, test with foreach remaining.)
  • Rewrite the savegame code, make it more constant between SP/MP and also let the things on the MP server use the same format. This should end the problems with the slightly different formats.
  • Continue improvement on the MP campaign code to make it really work.
  • Look whether it's possible to cleanup the widget and theme code. The goal is to make it possible to make dialogs fully themable and add a new tabbed widget. (Note this project is rather tricky and has a pretty high chance of going nowhere.)
  • Rewrite the addon server and the client side. The client side kind of depends on the new widget code, most server side changes are quite simple but without client side support they make no sense (eg knowing the type of addon without being able to display it is useless.)
  • Team sides
    • After the terrain system has been modified it's possible to define more teams, EdB asked this in irc at 20061027.
    • It would be nice to support 12 sides in multiplayer with their own colour. The engine should support more sides for the AI to use. These will use and scenario WML defined colour. It's not sure whether WML supports this if not the support should be made. EdB will look for an possible algo to define nice auto colours.
  • Terrain archtypes
  • Branch terrain


  • Chasm: add water flowing over the edge support.
    • adapt Chasm edges to put lava at the bottom of a pit.
  • Cave:
    • add a "nice/civilized" cave variant.
  • Dirt: make it better-if somebody doesn't do that first.
  • Some dramatic "Landmark" rocks.
  • take over the world.


(Sapient is now semi-inactive)

  • Improving the GUI in Wesnoth


  • This is a list of stuff I am currently working on.
    • Working on my newest campaign, Alfhelm the Wise
    • Maintaining and improving the The Imperial Era

This is basically a list of stuff that I have the skills to do, but not the time, and stuff I think anyone else could do equally well. Consider it a list of suggestions for what you could do if you are out of ideas. ;)

  • Rather large graphical tasks for the Imperial Era:
    • Make them for the Aiyira
    • Make them for the Dardanoi
    • Tcolor the Marauders
    • Animate all factions
  • List of campaign ideas I find interesting, but don't have the time to pursue (most of these would be shorter campaigns, probably 6-10 scenarios):
    • Wesnoth related:
      • The Taming of the Wild could make for an interesting Loyalist-themed campaign, with the main enemy as orcs.
      • The ending of the Dark Age of Wesnoth, and the rise of Garard I, would also have to be a Loyalist campaign, but you would fight other Loyalists mostly.
    • Orbivm related:
      • The coming of the Frost and Wild Elves over the ocean, and their subsequent war with the Marauders, would be an interesting campaign, probably from the North Elves' perspective.
      • The invasion of the Western Mountains by the Lavinians would be interesting if told from the perspective of the Orcs.
      • The struggle between the Aiyira and the Lavinians has loads of potential.
      • The union of Arendia by Eran would make a good campaign, and I suspect Ranger M already has some ideas for something like that.


  • Push forward with rewriting and modularisation of UtBS. Add another branch to the campaign.
  • Do a pass over NR to make the WML nicer and more userfriendly.
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