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Note: I am marking this under Historical since it appears to be unmaintained, although it has links to the forum.

The Commonwealth Era:

Well, it started as a minor idea. Basically, I was Knalgans, playing against a friend who was massively spamming Fencers. I started to catch on, but, well, I was a newbie back then (still am, really), and lost. No thanks to ridiculous luck on my opponent's part. Anyways, I kept on getting mercilessly taunted about using a race that didn't do magic, and in the end decided to try my hand at a faction that DID do magic.

It was annoying trying to get a magic-centric faction that didn't have the Magical tag on every single bloody unit, but things worked out, eventually. Now all we need is more art. And balancing. And code proofreading. And probably 20 gazillion things else.

Unit tree:

  Apprentice -> Evoker
             -> Pyromancer -> Lavamancer -> Vulcan
             -> Seeker* -> Loremaster*
  Journeyman -> Alchemist -> Master Alchemist
             -> Twinblade -> Blademaster
  Guardsman -> Glaiveman -> Silver Guard
            -> Deathguard
  Roc -> Celestial Roc
  Courier -> Nightrunner -> Psion* (Projected)
  Herbalist* (Projected) -> Apocathary* (Projected)

Units with a * are still in need of interm graphics.

Detailed stats are on the topic page:

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