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Best Forum Strategies

This page collects together links to the best forum discussions on strategies for playing Wesnoth. For information specific to campaigns distributed with the game, see the ScenarioDiscussion page.

The general place to discuss strategy is in the Strategy & Tips forum.

Faction Observations: Whose the strongest? Whose the best? list the benefits and weaknesses of all factions, though no conclusion can be reached.

Orc Stategiesis thread to post ideas for orcs against all other races.

Elf Stategies is a mostly-complete thread in which strategies for beating all other races are listed.

10 hints to play battle for wesnoth (em português) contains a dozen sensible suggestions in Portugese, English and French. More such tips are discussed in Common Sense-the Best Stategy

[Replay Review The Siege of Elensefar] has lots of sensible advice, based on a replay critique of a single scenario from the HeirToTheThrone campaign.

How to beat undead when they only use bats and ghouls? discusses ghouls, with arguments that they are overpowered. Also contains comments on skeletons vs. woses.

Winning Wesnoth on medium/hard contains suggestions on setting up a pipeline of advancing units, arguments about Grand Knights and Elvish Captains, the importance of leadership, and critiques of several replays.

Easy mode/hard mode (and Bay of Pearls) has an extended discussion of the Bay of Pearls scenario from HeirToTheThrone, with much sensible advice about initiative, placement of troops, and the importance of planning ahead in campaigns.

Which do you prefer: Grand Knight or Paladin? discusses the advancement options for Horsemen, especially when unit traits like strong, resilient or quick are taken into account.

The factions of wesnoth discusses the Knalgan alliance (usually associated with dwarves) and loyalists (humans).

Common multiplayer mistakes and tricks has lots of suggestions for tweaking one's play. Many of the suggestions work well in single player also. For more advice like this, see the more recent What seperates the best players from newbies

Wesnoth Strategy & Tactics Guide (0.x) attempts to be a comprehensive guide to strategy, editing many of the strategy guides on this Wiki into a single document.

Quick Tips and Using the Drakes Effectively outlines the best ways to use the Drakes in Multiplayer.

Quality versus quantity in campaigns discusses formations in detail, emphasizes the importance of terrain and choosing your recruiting carefully, while giving solid advice for every faction.

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