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|caption=The western plains on a map of the [[Great Continent]].
|caption=The western plains on a map of the [[Great Continent]].
* [[Humans]]

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Western plains


The western plains on a map of the Great Continent.
Races Humans

The western plains were a region of plains on the Great Continent.


The western plains in Annuvin.
The grand army of Wesnoth, personally led by the High Council of Archmagi, scoured the plains of all manner of hostile creature, be it beast, orc, or elf.
—Lore describes the colonization of the western plains.

The western plains separated the cities of the east, such as Dan'Tonk and Weldyn, from the cities on the western coast, such as Elensefar and Aldril.[1] Though originally land belonging to the elves,[2] they were obtained by the first human settlers on the Great Continent through negotiations.[3] Shortly after this agreement, the human leader, Prince Haldric, was forced to defend the plains from a force of orcs and undead.[4]

Despite various cities around the plains being established at least as early as 23YW,[5] it was not until 161YW that Wesnoth asserted its sovereignty over the land by driving out hostiles, resulting in the construction of the Stronghold of Halstead to safeguard the land.[1] Halstead served this purpose until civil war broke out following Queen Asheviere's ascension to the throne in 501YW,[6] during which it was demolished.[1] The plains remained the dividing line between the two factions,[7][8][9] persisting until Asheviere's overthrow and death.[10]


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