Wesnoth Summer Art Scholarship

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I want to be one of your Wesnoth Summer Art Scholarship students, what should I do?

  • Create an account on the wesnoth forum, and tell an admin to mark it as a WSAS Student account (Admins are boucman, Ivanovic, mordante, Shadow_Master, Sirp and Turuk). The forum is our everyday form of communication for collaborating on artwork, and registering an account is mandatory. Post all of your work in the Art Development subforum.

  • Join the irc channel (#wesnoth-dev on irc.freenode.net) and introduce yourself. For the unaware, IRC is a program that creates online chat rooms; we use it to do back-and-forth discussions in realtime, which can be much more helpful for solving certain problems than the time-delayed communication of the forum. You are expected to be in this channel whenever possible. We will not give formal interviews, but it really helps to be able to directly communicate with people. You will need an IRC program to get on IRC, and here are some decent suggestions:
    • Colloquy on Mac
    • XChat or mIRC on windows
    • linux users will likely either have an established preference, or should use the client that came with their distro.
    • If you'd really like to shop around, this rather long list should help:

  • Start a wiki page about your idea, add a link on the bottom of this page and add this information on it:
    • hint: you can start a new wiki page by just typing in a new url, and editing the page; e.g. going to www.wesnoth.org/wiki/John_Doe's_WSAS_project
    • List your account names (forum, irc nick) so that we can recognize you.
    • Fill the questionnaire on this page: WSAS List of questions to answer
    • Detail your idea as much as possible, look at other students pages, and please update the page as you complete milestones.
    • Add a link to your page at the bottom of this page

  • Though not mandatory, it is highly advisable to attempt one sample piece of art related to your idea, so we have an idea how you work. Be sure to post this in the Art Development forum. You can also finish any of the items on our todo-lists; if you do, also list it on your own page with a reference to it.