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[edit]Compiling Wesnoth



Wesnoth development currently uses the Subversion software tool to keep developers in sync with each other. See the SVN book for more on how to use Subversion.

Browse the code

There are currently two main streams of development: trunk (1.9.x) and stable branch (1.8.x). Most other branches are only used for a short time to do some testing without disturbing the main development. You can use your web browser to navigate through the source code:



To check out trunk into a directory wesnoth (about 400 MB to download and 960 MB disk space, including .svn dirs, required as of March 30th 2009):

svn co http://svn.gna.org/svn/wesnoth/trunk wesnoth

Or, to check out the 1.8 branch (about 400 MB to download and 960 MB to store on disk as of March 30th 2009) into a directory wesnoth-1.8:

svn co http://svn.gna.org/svn/wesnoth/branches/1.8 wesnoth-1.8

More info on the repository: https://gna.org/svn/?group=wesnoth

Note that if you are trying for commit access, you must have a developer account on gna, it must be registered as part of the Wesnoth group, and you must check out with

svn co svn+ssh://gna_username@svn.gna.org/svn/wesnoth/trunk wesnoth


Do this from inside the wesnoth or wesnoth-1.8 directory where you checked out the repository:

svn update

The following is only relevant when relying on the autotools based build system. This is not needed when relying on CMake or SCons as build environment:

Note that when you update from Subversion, you should always run 'autogen.sh' if configure.ac or any of the Makefile.am files were changed. It is safest to 'make clean' before updating, then update and finally run 'autogen.sh', 'configure' and 'make'.

You may be able to skip the 'autogen.sh' and the 'make clean' if the makefiles and configure.ac have not changed. If only minor changes were made then even the 'configure' step is optional.

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