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The move to git from Subversion has been done (see WesnothRepository for details).

TODO list

Bug tracker

Redmine, hosted locally on wesnoth.org, using the https://bugs.wesnoth.org name.

  1. set up a redmine instance on wesnoth.org

lift up the bug tracker's contents

scraping via https? getting bug repository dump? what about the files?

  • try to get database dump first
  • forgeplucker doesn't look ready
  • grab the database and run a local version of savannah?
  • import the data into the new bug tracker

connect the bugtracker with the source repository

Shouldn't be a problem - http://www.redmine.org/projects/redmine/wiki/RedmineSettings#Referencing-issues-in-commit-messages We should think about changing the old commit messages in the bug tracker to point to new repository.

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