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Title(s): Chief Intendant of the Flight of Galun
Gender: Male


Unit type(s): Drake Glider

Vank was an intendant in the Flight of Galun, and close friend to its leader, Galun. He was also the first drake known to have discovered the Great Continent. He was originally from the Flight of Verkon, and served as Galun's scout during their hunts. He helped Galun defeat the first orcs to arrive at Morogor, and also took part in the flight's team during the Contention, victoriously fighting alongside Galun as his Chief Intendant.

Part of Galun's new flight, he accompanied them across the Great Ocean, the first of the drakes to spot a plume of smoke coming from the Great Continent. Once they arrived, he provided counsel to Galun regarding their interactions with the species native to the area. He also helped Galun defeat the Flight of Kerath in a defence of their new eyrie.


Early life

That may be, but if you truly aim to lead a flight across the Great Ocean, you'll have to become a Dominant first, otherwise no drake will follow you. And you an Aspirant? Not so long as you dream when the hunt is called...
—Vank scoffs at Galun's ambitions to leave Morogor.

Vank originally was of the Flight of Verkon, and as a fledgling, he took part in hunts led by his close friend, Galun. In one such hunt, occurring in the fourteenth cycle of the fifth Vulcaniad (5YW[1]), he spotted a group of humans on one of the islands of Morogor, alerting Galun to their presence. Galun, however, was distracted and did not hear Verkon, for which he was berated. Galun confided in Vank his growing fears for the fate of the drakes, but Vank insisted Galun focus on their present circumstance. Vank also downplayed Galun's ambitions to lead a group of drakes east, due to their low societal rank, reminding him that Galun would need to become a dominant before they could lead such a migration. Vank was then ironically reprimanded for supposedly having failed to alert Galun to the humans' presence. With their hunters, they slew each of the human males, sparing only the females and children. They did not stay there long, however, as the thick air of the island was hard for Vank to breathe.[2]

Vank accompanied Galun's forces to the northernmost island of Morogor in a mission to capture the intruding orcs' leader, Viragar, for interrogation. He spotted the orcs, identifying them as similar to humans, but dirtier. Together, they managed to capture the orcs' leader, and though Galun immediately attempted to interrogate Viragar, Vank suggested that it would take too long to extract the information they required without first bringing him back to their pens. The interrogations were eventually successful, and Viragar revealed that land lay to the east, namely the Great Continent.[3]

Due to Galun's impressive record, he was selected as Verkon's entrant in the Contention. In turn, Galun chose Vank to be his chief intendant. Their team was successfully in the first stages of the competition, and they advanced to a final fight against drakes from the Flight of Kerath, led by Gribbel. Vank voiced his anxiety about having made it so far, but Galun assured him that he had everything under control. The battle turned against Gribbel, and his drakes were defeated. Galun emerged victorious, being rewarded with his own flight, along with breeders and fledglings.[4] Likewise, Vank became Chief Intendant of the Flight of Galun.[2]

Leaving Morogor

It is possible I have seen our destination. I glimpsed something on the eastern horizon as I scouted high above our enemies. A puff of cloud, the kind that forms over land.
—Vank sights the Great Continent for the first time.

Galun initiated a summer journey east over the Great Ocean, bringing Vank and his flight with him. After many days of wearying flight, they came across an archipelago inhabited by hostile nagas. Vank alerted Galun to the presence of the nagas, and the drakes engaged in battle. Shortly after landing at the archipelago, Vank also spotted sea serpents beneath the water surface. During the battle, Vank scouted above the nagas, and caught sight of a cloud in the east, believing it to indicate land. They were successful in clearing the islands to rest, before Vank informed Galun of the news.[5]

They continued east, sighting the Great Continent, but unable to reach it due to a strong wind, and were blown off course to the Three Sisters. They found various creatures there, including ogres, scorpions, and the undead Midnight Queen. After clearing it of hostiles, Vank identified it as a place suitable for the construction of an eyrie. Galun rejected this proposal, insisting on exploring the mainland first.[6]

Arriving at the Great Continent

They would make terrible game, but might be good allies, and alliances in this new land could prove useful.
—Vank remarks on the advantages of allying with the saurians.

Soon enough, they reached Elensefar, a coastal settlement. Vank sighted the place first, alerting Galun to call a hunt. The flight attacked the settlement, killing and consuming the inhabitants, including the commander there, General Vorlyan. Vank recognized the humans as the same species who they had hunted in Morogor, but Galun indicated caution at continuing to prey on the humans, due to their apparent strength in the east.[7]

They continued on their way through Wesmere Forest, where Vank spotted the elves and their mounts, identifying them as potential game. He also remarked on the presence of woses, although Galun theorized that they would be susceptible to the drakes' fire. They hunted the elves with ease, and were then approached by a group of saurians led by Xirtrezyx and Krenix. Vank advised Galun to forge an alliance with the saurians, due in part to being unsuitable for drake consumption, but also for diplomatic reasons. Galun accepted Vank's advice and forged an alliance between the two races.[8]

While continuing towards the Heart Mountains, a storm forced the Flight of Galun to take refuge in a cave, inhabited by the lich Naemir, who threatened to enslave the drakes. Galun was indignant, despite Vank's warnings, and they engaged forces. Eventually they managed to slay Naemir, thus causing the storm to lift. With no edible prey in the caves, they quickly left.[9]


It saddens me that we had to fight our own kind, although we did what we had to.
—Vank mourns the battle between the Flight of Galun and the Flight of Kerath.

After reaching the Heart Mountains, Galun chose to settle, with Vank pointing out the availability of trolls and gryphons for game, as well as a nearby yeti. They were able to subdue the different beasts with sufficient ease to ensure a future food supply. Vank remarked on the colder climate than that the drakes were used to, stating that it would force the drakes into longer periods of hibernation.[10]

The flight carved out a new eyrie before winter arrived. During the ensuing hibernation,[11] a sky drake loyal to Kerath left with provisions for a journey back to Morogor.[11][12] The hibernation was interrupted, this time by a group of dwarves who held dominion over the area. Vank brought this news to Galun, urging him to awaken. Though Vank feared the weapons and numbers of dwarves, Galun refused to relinquish the area, and attacked the dwarves. The drakes were victorious once more, but Vank still worried that more dwarves would pose a threat to their hatchlings. Galun nonetheless insisted on remaining put, determined to wreak revenge on the dwarves if they continued to encroach on the eyrie.[11]

After finishing their hibernation, the flight awoke during the spring. Some time later, the Flight of Kerath, led by the renegade sky drake, arrived and attempted to invade the eyrie, due to Kerath's envy of Galun's new territory. After the two sides fought, Kerath was eventually slain. Vank remarked on the sadness that drakes had fought amongst each other.[12] All the males from Kerath's flight were slain, save for Reshan'lo.[13]


I can scarce believe we are actually here. The Contention! Are we truly fit for this?
—Vank begins to doubt their preparedness for the Contention.

Vank was in many ways the opposite of his friend and dominant, Galun. He carried a sense of caution and hesitated to stir up conflict, cautioning his friend against needless hostility in times of diplomacy.[9][11] He likewise played a role in convincing Galun to form an alliance with the saurians.[7] Nonetheless, he generally had no qualms about hunting for game.[2][7]

Besides being averse to needless conflict, he was somewhat unambitious, and often attempted to persuade Galun to focus on the immediate present. This happened, for instance, when Galun was distracted from a hunt by his ruminations regarding the drakes' future,[2] as well as when he considered building an eyrie on the Three Sisters to be a safer alternative to advancing on the mainland.[6] Even having accompanied Galun to the final round of the Contention, he still doubted their ability to win.[4]


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