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Title(s): Chief Intendant of the Flight of Galun
Gender: Male


Unit type(s): Drake Glider

Vank was an intendant in the Flight of Galun, and close friend to its leader, Galun. He was also the first drake known to have discovered the Great Continent. He was originally from the Flight of Verkon, and served as Galun's scout during their hunts. He helped Galun defeat the first orcs to arrive at Morogor, and also took part in the flight's team during the Contention, victoriously fighting alongside Galun as his Chief Intendant.

Part of Galun's new flight, he accompanied them across the Great Ocean, the first of the drakes to spot a plume of smoke coming from the Great Continent. Once they arrived, he provided counsel to Galun regarding their interactions with the species native to the area. He also helped Galun defeat the Flight of Kerath in a defence of their new eyrie.