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Download GNU Source Installer

home page

Install GNU Source Installer library

tar -zxf libsrcinst-2.4.tar.gz
cd libsrcinst-2.4
make install

You then need either the command line or the GTK front-end. You can of course install both.

Install GNU Source Installer command line front-end

tar -zxf sourceinstall-2.4.tar.gz
cd sourceinstall-2.4
make install

Install GNU Source Installer GTK front-end

tar -zxvf sourceinstall-gtk-2.4.tar.gz
cd sourceinstall-gtk-2.4
make install

Download the wesnoth package


Choose user-mode or system-wide installations

Next you should choose if you want to install in user-mode only, for example in your home directory, or if you want to install system-wide.

Setup for System-wide installation

Linux: ensure that /etc/ contains /usr/local/lib . Run the tool as root or under sudo. Ensure that the default prefix is set to /usr/local .

Setup for User-mode installation

If you plan to install packages with sourceinstall in user-mode only, you should update

PATH to include ~/usr/bin and ~/usr/sbin,
LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include ~/usr/lib,
PKG_CONFIG_PATH to include ~/usr/lib/pkgconfig,
MANPATH to include ~/usr/man,
INFOPATH to include ~/usr/info

You can use your shell specific profile script for that (for the standard shell: ~/.profile)

Run the tool as a regular user. Ensure that the default prefix is ~/usr .

Change preferences if desired

edit ~/.sourceinstall/sourceinstallrc directly, or from the GUI go to Edit->Preferences.

Install wesnoth

Add the wesnoth-1.2.8.tar.gz package.

Upgrade wesnoth

Select the existing wesnoth package. Choose Package->Upgrade, or right-click->Upgrade. Choose the new version of the package.

Install / Upgrade using a directory

For keeping up to date with the source repository, just specify the top wesnoth directory to install/upgrade.

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