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Ok, it's fixed now hopefully. It was all about space and %20 being the same/not the same at various places. Hm, and btw., should things like the new logo drafts also go into the gfxlib?

good question... I'm not sure. When I started the GL, it was intended to be only for terrain and units, since they were mainly created by copy/pasting from one another... when portrait arrived, I was not maintaining it actively anymore, and when I came back some portrait had been sliped in so I put new ones in. what do you think ? Boucman
Well, I'd say, the focus of the GL should be on campaign authors looking for inofficial artwork, and not on keeping track of the contributions of all artists. Terrain and units definitely fall into the first category. Portraits are a grey area.. some might be useful (e.g. a portrait to go along with the pig unit), others might not. Things like the logo drafts clearly fall into the second category.

Defining any stricter rules makes little sense I guess - it's a wiki after all, anyone is free to add/remove images even after the initial UnsortedContrib placement.. --Allefant 21:01, 2 September 2005 (CEST)