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Tsr wesnoth info

Ok, in trying to get things out of my head I've finally decided to create this page. Here I will list the wesnoth related projects I am maintaining, working on and thinking about.

If you want to give feedback, report bugs, etc please do it on my talk page or in the linked to forum-threads.


  • wiki: Tsr (obviously you are reading this page now)
  • forums: tsr
  • irc: on #wesnoth-dev, etc (but I am not very often there)

Projects I maintain

These are project that I consider done but that I will work on if there is user input about bugs or new features that I deem worthy to add.

The default preset advancement era

A concept era where you can choose what advancement path your units will use if they advance during not your turn. Versions exist for both the 1.6 and 1.7 branches of wesnoth. (forum-thread)

Projects I work on

These are projects I am actually working on at the moment, to try and get them into a stable state so that I can move them to the maintaining section above

MP-map: 2 is a crowd

A watery 1v1 map where your first decision is what keep to go for. There are currently no versions on the add-on servers but there ia version that works on both 1.6 and 1.8 on the forums. The latest and greatest (or so I hope) in in the forum-thread.

Wesnoth Collaborative Editor

This is an online mp collaborative map editor for wesnoth maps. There are some features in it that I will brake out for other uses eventually. It is almost feature complete but needs some more attention before I call it finnished. Be sure to read the README before asking for help. There is only a version for 1.7 (it might work in 1.6 too, I just haven't tried it). (forum-thread)

Projects I would like to work on

These are basically ideas that I hope to get around to work on some day, or that I hope that someone else will find is such a good idea that they will implement it

Irdya the faction

Inspired by the concept of Gaia I want to create a wesnoth faction that represents the planet Irdya (or whatever the wesnoth planet is called). It will consist of units that resemble the available terrains. It will not be a mp-balanced faction but something like a monster faction that can be used in campaigns or scenarios. The units will have characteristics from their element (both in fighting quality, movement and appearance).

Clickable links

I think it would be a great idea if we could create links in some places inside the game, like

  • linking to an add-ons forum-thread
  • linking to whatever in the game-chat (but proabably not lobby-chat
  • linking to the CoC in the mp-servers motd

Projects I have started and left

These are projects that I for various reasons don't take active part in anymore (or actually there is only one reason, since there is only one project here.

The wesnoth MP Code of Conduct

Apparently there was a time when the wesnoth mp-servers where populated with so few users that you couldn't really behave like an ass... When that changed the need for information became evident. After some time trying to keep the standards high without any written rules it became evident, even for me that something had to be done. Hence the birth of the CoC. (Actually several people had already thought of it; of course, I just happened to be the one that actually wrote the first draft - and I am quite pleased to see that most of it remains)

Random stuff

Things that are related to wesnoth in some ways

  • writing the CoC earned me the forum title: Forum Regular.
  • creating WCE earned me the forum title: WML Pioneer.
  • I once made an alternative animation of the berserker that drinks coke instead of beer (it was in a wesnoth-funding thread and I can't seem to find the animation anywhere)