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Title(s): Loremaster of Wesnoth


Unit type(s): Dwarvish Fighter

I'm sub2pewds, and I've been playing Battle for Wesnoth for at least a decade. While I can't claim that I'm a very talented player, I appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into the mainline campaigns, resulting in a comprehensive story. Unfortunately, the wiki has not been able to document all of this.

It is for this reason that I have taken on the responsibility of starting the Battle for Wesnoth collection of lore, here on the wiki. At present, I am seeking to complete as many articles as possible relating to The Rise of Wesnoth. This has meant that I needed to create different templates, but my experience at editing Wikipedia has put me in good stead, and I'm happy with most of my templates so far. If you have any questions that their documentation does not address, feel free to throw a question on their talk page, or if you are worried I won't see it—which is unfortunately likely—use my talk page instead.

I am a busy person, and unfortunately I will only ever have short bursts of time in which I am active. My apologies if I am slow in getting back to you.

Pages I've created

Below are all the pages that I have created. At present, I only create pages related to lore, as this is where the wiki is deficient.


Disambiguation pages




Redlinks I've left

Below are all the articles that I have not yet created yet. I intend to keep this list to a small ever-changing handful.

There are no redlinks at the moment.