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Simons Mith
==== Homepage: [http://www.simon-smith.org http://www.simon-smith.org] ====
==== Homepage: [http://www.simon-smith.org http://www.simon-smith.org] ====

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Homepage: http://www.simon-smith.org

Wesnoth section of homepage: http://www.simon-smith.org/wesnoth/index.html

All that is there at the moment is some raytraced frames which I offered up as alternatives for use by Quensul's Wercator program. Quensul seems to have disappeared at the moment. If he reappears, I'll rattle his cage again. Anyone else with a use for them is welcome to take copies, including for Wesnoth itself. Please also note that if you want one of these frames in a different size, or a different wood texture, I can custom-render them for you. I'll also undertake to create new frames to order. Just ask. My email address is on my homepage (concelaed from robots, which is why I'm not repeating it here.)

BTW, I'm a professional technical writer, so if anyone on the Wesnoth project needs some documentation done for them, feel free to contact me.