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Hi, I'm SigurdFireDragon.

I started playing Battle for Wesnoth on December 17th, 2010. Shortly thereafter, I started making some add-ons for it.

I found Battle for Wesnoth after looking for a game that was close enough to my favorite comic, Erfworld. A few posts on their forum mentioned this game, and here I am.

Development Setup:

Windows 7 x64 Compiling Master & 1.12 Branch using MinGW / Scons

Add-ons I've written:

See my github page:

How to be a WML Contributor (Work in progress)

Download and install Git

Create a Github account

Follow the Git Crash Course Guide to set up your repository.

Install Python 2.7

Install Pywin32 for Python 2.7 (Windows only, optional, must match python version, may be needed on windows for multi-core builds.)

Install Python 3. This is used for the wml tools.

Run the script in your git checkout of wesnoth to download and build the dependencies for wesnoth. (Windows only, not in master yet.)

Run the resulting compile.cmd to build wesnoth. (Windows only)