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Suggested changes for multilayer terrain

certain changes

Changes that shouldn't be disputed as there are no disadvantages

 Old   New
Bww*   Ww^Bw*   wooden bridge "bridge, over wadeable, wooden"
Bwo*   Wo^Bw*   wooden bridge "bridge, over ocean, wooden"
Bss*   Ss^Bw*   wooden bridge "bridge, over swamp, wooden"
Fa     Aa^Fa    forest (snow) "forest arctic"
Fet    Gg^Fet   great Elven tree
Ff     Gg^Ff    forest
Ft     Gs^Ft    forest (tropical)
Uf     Uu^Uf    mushroom grove "underground forest"
Dc     Dd^Dc    UtbS desert crater (may need graphics changes)
Do     Dd^Do    desert oasis (may need graphics changes)
Dr     Dd^Dr    UtbS sand rubble
Rfvs   Re^Gvs   Farmer's Fields
Vda    Dd^Vda   desert village (adobe)
Vdt    Dd^Vdt   desert village (tent)
Vea    Aa^Vea   elven (snow) village
Veg    Gg^Veg   elven village "village elven grassland"
Vha    Aa^Vha   snow village (tundra, village)
Vhg    Gg^Vhg   human village (village)
Vhh    Hh^Vhh   human hill village
Vhha   Ha^Vhha  human (snow) hill village
Vhm    Mm^Vhh   human mountain village
Vht    Gs^Vht   tropical village (savanna, village)
Vu     Uu^Vu    underground village (cave, village)
Vud    Uu^Vud   dwarven village
Vwm    Ww^Vm    mermen village (shallow water)
Vs     Ss^Vhs   swamp village (swamp, village)
Vsm    Ss^Vm    mermen village (swamp)

Possible changes

Xm     Mm^Xm    impassable moutains

This one is nice for WML, but having the impassable string als overlay only might

Problematic changes

Chs    Chs^Sr   human ruin (swamp)
Ss     Ss^Sr    swamp

I'd like it, so you could add reed easily to other terrains, but it has some problems with the t-g WML (especially interacting with castle walls). If I can solve those, I'd like to make these changes.