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Real name: Richard Kettering. I joined Wesnoth back around version 0.5 (or was it 0.6?), attempting to replace the portrait art that had been added to HttT with something better. I was not an artist, in the traditional sense of someone who shows early promise at the subject; I had decided to dabble in it at a rather late point in my life, after having written myself off as being untalented. I dabbled in it because I felt, as someone aspiring to commercial game development, that I needed to have some understanding of the next most important aspect of games besides code - even if I didn't become good at art, I believed dabbling would teach me enough about the field to less incompetently manage any artists I hired. Wesnoth acted as an excellent means to motivate and hone my skills.

Currently, I am Wesnoth's informal "Art Director". Although I am responsible for shepherding/directing contributions from other people, I also do a great deal of 'grunt work' on my own. My focal area has been unit sprites.

In real life, I am a recent math/physics graduate, who has worked professionally as a web/database programmer.

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