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My involvement in Wesnoth is primarily in the terrain art, though i dabble in other things.

What i'm Working on:

  • Chasm: transitions need to be improved.
  • Cave walls: Perspective needs to be adjusted.

What i'll eventually Work on:

  • Chasm: add water flowing over the edge support.
  • Cave: add a "nice" cave variant.
  • Cave: add a alternate cave terrains? cave hills?
  • Modify beach and desert to use the same graphics, except the desert will have cacti?
  • take over the world.

Main things i've Already done:

  • First one to use semi-transparent tile transtions
  • Fog (transparent transitions)
  • Void (transparent transitions)
  • Deep Water
  • Shallow Water
  • Bridges
  • Beach
  • Mountains (soon to be replaced by Frames)
  • Chasm
  • Lava (aside from some transitions)
  • Cave Wall
  • Great Elven Tree

Other info:

I'm working on a scenario, currently in mostly my head.

I joined Wesnoth in fall '04 contributed for a few months, left for a year to try and start a buisness. Now i'm back.