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Greetings, meatbag. I am Deusite and this is my wiki page/lair. These days I am translating Wesnoth into Latin, as well as some other half-baked projects I have lurking around that I need to finish. Usually you can find me on IRC somewhere, usually the Latin channel.

My current Wesnothian projects are: the Latin translation, the Lore Collection Project, and new map for TSG.

I also used to conribute to TsoG before real life intervened and I hope one day to make a Drake campaign, really, and perhaps a rehash of the Far North and an annotated map, just because.

TSG Bigmap

Somewhat forestalled due to real life etc. I need to upgrade the labels to the new 1.8 standard transport it to GIMP and generally faff about with it. The geography is fixed at this point.

Musings on a Big Map


  • Red :: Wesnoth
  • Royal Blue :: Elensefar
  • Orange :: Dwarves
  • Banana yellow :: Dwarven Doors
  • Brown :: Orcs
  • Green :: Elves
  • Cyan :: Steppe Orcs
  • Dark Purple :: Human Clans
  • Light Purple :: Undead
  • Dark Green :: Saurians
  • Blue :: The Sea!
  • Black :: Uninhabited
  • White :: Unknown