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I'm Crendgrim from Germany, so I'm no native English speaker. This may cause misunderstandings of what I'm actually wanting to say, so please don't take my words too verbatim.


I once played Wesnoth years ago for a while, but never joined the community. In autumn 2010 I searched for strategy games and stumbled over Wesnoth. For that game looked somehow known to me, I took a closer look and found it very promising. The part I'm liking most is WML and the add-on system. I don't know of any other open source game which gives their players such a powerful customization tool as WML is. You can implement nearly everything which can be played on a hexagon map. Whatever, I joined the forums in October 2010 and the wiki some weeks later, though I didn't edit here for a quite long time. The first time I became active in the wiki was when the project to translate the CodeOfConduct pages in different languages was launched. Some weeks later (5 Mai 2011) I became a wiki admin, because I volunteered to do this job to restrain the spam bots [1].

Projects - Wiki

Here's a list of my main projects I want to achieve in this wiki:

  • 1. Restraining the possibilities of spam bots: Phase I finished

I want to make the wiki as spam-bot-proof as possible. Of course I do know that this is nearly impossible, but it can be done much and has been done less yet.
At least we were hopefully able to block most of the recent spam bots by removing the reCaptcha method [2].

  • 2. General overhaul: planning phase

monochromatic and me have plans to re-order the wiki to make certain information better accessible. See this thread for further information.

  • 3. Translations: Phase I: tracking old pages and converting them to the new style

My biggest future plan is to create some sort of translation scheme for all pages. Since the community grows bigger and bigger, it would be very nice to have translations for people who don't speak English.

Projects - Add-Ons

I'm maintaining the following add-ons: (currently only one; maybe it'll become more when I find enough time again)

  • UMC Story Images which is supposed to be a collection of story images for UMC campaigns


You have multiple ways to contact me if you want to:

  • Via my discussion page (public)
  • Via the forums: PM
  • Via IRC: I'm regularly reading the logs, so you can just leave me a message on #wesnoth or #wesnoth-dev. Be sure to mention my nick somewhere near, though.
  • Via my Blog: