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The Fall of Trent

A co-operative multiplayer roleplaying scenario.

The five generals of Trent flee their home after Orcish raiders breach the walls of the city. Seeking the safety of Castle Falcon in the south, they soon find themselves embarking on an epic quest to restore their honour and avenge the people of Trent.

The forum thread for this scenario is here: [1]

The Labyrinth Of Champions

A co-operative multiplayer roleplaying scenario.

Every year Lord Hullon offers untold riches to any who can survive his famed dungeon. Five heros set forth to discover what perilous traps and fearsome beasts lie in store for them inside the Labyrinth.

The forum thread for this scenario is here: [2]

A New Land

A multiplayer empire-building era.

Players recruit workers which can be used to terraform the land, planting crops and building villages, mines and castles. They can also upgrade villages into universities - where scholars can study to unlock new units and increase the gold produced by farming and mining. In addition, leaders have special diplomatic options such as sharing knowledge and donating gold to allies - and negotiating with other races for military support. This era comes with two scenarios: The Last Stand & The Great Wall.

I'd like to thank Rhuvean, governor and Kernigh who have all contributed to this at various points.

The forum thread for this scenario is here: [3]

Brotherhood of Light

A co-operative multiplayer roleplaying scenario.

A party of four white mages must roam the land performing good deeds and righting wrongs in this non-linear multiplayer RPG adventure. Players must also work together to discover the fate of the four lost brothers that went before. This scenario features numerous sub-quests, a basic inventory an extensive magic system.

The forum thread for this scenario is here: [4]

The High Seas

A competitive multiplayer roleplaying scenario.

After their release from Estiban Gaol, five infamous captains at once return to their old ways of piracy and plunder. In this open-ended naval scenario players can buy and sell cargo, upgrade ships and mount raids on the numerous locations such as banks, plantations, distilleries and mines - all the while avoiding the deadly menance of sea monsters, pirates and mighty man-of-wars.

The forum thread for this scenario is here: [5]

A Nation Betrayed

A 2v2 multiplayer scenario.

Discontent has long been simmering among the peoples of the loyalist kingdom. But only when an unexpected Orcish assault distracts the king's troops do the insurgents dare rise up to topple their little-loved monarch. This scenario uses a special village-loyalty system, allowing players to generate funds and swing the support of the townships in their favour.

The forum thread for this scenario is here: [6]

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