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I joined the project in 2007 as a coder. I mainly worked on:

  • Optimizations: graphics(engine and SDL), pathfinding, caching and loading/parsing data.
  • Mouse interface on the main view: attack direction system, most info displayed on

path and units.

  • Various pathfinding features, including some specific to MP (fog of war, out-of-sync), also handling teleport ability.
  • Map view: lighting system, animated terrains perfomance, zoom and z-order issues. Full map screenshot and minimap scaling.
  • Help system: sub-sections, faster loading, and better handling of special hyperlinks.
  • Sidebar: readability improvements, better tooltips, also made clickable to open help)
  • Attack window: readability improvements (central attack type, colors)
  • Menu (GUI1): text filters in few places, some columns sorting etc.
  • Map editor: map building improvements and few interface features.
  • Various mouse shortcuts: middle-click on scrollbar (linux-like), right-click outside to close dialog, new middle-click map-scrolling.
  • Some Image Path Functions.
  • Many debug commands: show redraw(:sunset), terrain layers (:layers, :foreground), command alias(:alias), custom command hotkey (:command), benchmark, level-selection, discover hidden units, change time of day
  • Experiment to convert the SDL engine to OpenGL, which works and is already faster on decent GPU. In pause for now. Wesnoth is currently used by a lot of different systems and hardwares (including mobile devices). I didn't want to cut some of them or split the codebase. The conversion to OpenGL is already a lot of work, and the compatibility burden is a bit too much for a one-man team. The OGL branch is still there and I might come back to it when I have time and maybe more testers.
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