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I'm just starting this page, so for the moment, there is only the essential current things

Current projects

Icons in the status bar

  • Remove a "feature" of the theme engine which delete transparent part of icons and strech them regardless of their proportions.
  • Add support and nice icons for other resolutions (tiny-gui). Need to do previous point before and take care of the automatic resizing during the tiny-gui install
  • Try to graying icons during opponent's turn.

Dialog engine

I recently discover some flaws with dialogs using long texts in cells or buttons ( ). A first easy step will be to add some maximum width for dialog and after that, do the same for each cells (not sure how). Probably will use ellipsis ("long text...") because for the moment each row have the same height, so using linebreak for a big text will cause a general growing of all the rows.

Text rendering

hp/xp bars

Replace this old, complex, buggy(zoom), hard-coded code of bars ( ). I plan to use an all images-based system for easy configuration and customization. Current prototype works fine and seems powerful. Except this stupid alpha variation of the filled part of the bar. So on standby, 3 currents options:

  • Drop the alpha variation.
  • Use a little expensive adjust_alpha for the special cases, and maybe just use 2 states : normal / highlighted.
  • Use new bars (and so a different set of images) when highlighting an unit. This will also allow some fancy things like bigger bars etc... but need more memory (a dozen of images)

Future projects

  • Do some tweaking about the mousewheel scrolling
  • Polish the drag&drop
  • Try again the grab-map feature for scrolling
  • Starting to replace coloUr by color in the code
  • Continue to improve zoom
  • Optimize the image cache system
  • Optimize some sdl_utils functions
  • Desynchronize flags of villages
  • Change this bad system of special characters to a tag system. Or at least, use a better characters choice (using "{" for normal text is really a bad idea for macros)