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Secret stuff regarding Eastern_History (not linked because of WhatLinksHere stuff)

Silver Drakes

The silver drakes are unusual in that they aren't led by a single ruler, but a council constituted from one drake of each of the castes. Succession is otherwise as normal. The council guards the knowledge of the process of maturation into a dragon. A single ruler might be tempted, but even a large nation of drakes cannot expect to sustain a council of 5 dragons. When the silver drakes take firecloud peak, they unknowingly share this volcano with the Fire King (one of the Earthen Kings). The fire king eventually reaches out to one of the members of the council and reveals/invents a way to only partially trigger the maturation process. This confers most of the magical strength of a dragon onto the drake, without significantly increasing its size. This drake informed 4 trusted friends of this process, underwent it together and then had his friends challenge and defeat the other members of the council. One of the surviving council members is Græk Lon, who was exiled and soon afterwards captured by Krados. (see TSL/ask espreon) The Fire King's angle here is that the rigid moral code of the drakes, combined with their disdain for other races, makes a very useful tool.


Stuff about Zeal, Askela/Uria, Rilend Ironfist and so on.

More to come...