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Battle for Wesnoth

Home Page               
GitHub Project Page     
Gna! Project Page        (bug tracker still in use)
Page on TheLinuxGameTome
Freshmeat entry         
Changelog                stable
This wiki               
The manual              
Translation statistics  
Add-on server web interface stable dev
Multiplayer server statistics
Multiplayer replays     
Unit advancement tree   
Forum for users and developers new posts
List of Frequently Proposed Ideas
IRC channel (Freenode)            irc:// webchat
IRC logs                
Flattr Account          
Twitter Account         


Git web interface       
Git homepage            
Git documentation       
Code documentation      
Mailing lists           
Bug/Feature tracker     
Patch tracker           
ohloh statistics         server stats
IRC channel (Freenode)   webchat

Other Links

1vs1 Wesnoth ladder     
Wesnoth matches with commentary
Run Wesnoth online (Windows)

Multilingual Players' Sites

Community in China