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This list is generated by a bot, and contains links to plain image attachements which were posted to the forums recently. The bot is here: User:GrabberBot The idea is to make it easier to keep the GraphicLibrary updated with new graphics, if not, I'll just remove it from my crontab again :)

You are encouraged to remove images which don't fit (e.g. screenshots, concept art, off-topic images), and move proper unit graphics over to the GraphicLibrary. To move an image, click on the Move link. To delete an image, click the X. The effect won't be immediate, it merely will schedule the command on a site I'm mis-using for this (so if you have a machine where you can run the python script once a day or so, by all means, let me know). For now, when my computer is switched on the next time, the script will be run and it will read all the scheduled commands and update the links.

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