The Rise of Wesnoth (scenario)

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The Rise of Wesnoth is the nineteenth and final scenario in The Rise of Wesnoth campaign.


After the Lich-Lords opened gateways to the Old Continent, allowing orcs to invade the Green Isle,[1] Prince Haldric led an evacuation of the people of the Kingdom of Stormvale.[2] During this exodus, he came across the Ruby of Fire, a valuable artifact.[3] Upon arriving at Clearwater Port, he helped Commander Aethyr evacuate their populace to Southbay, although Aethyr chose to stay behind.[4] Once he reached the Kingdom of Southbay, his Wesfolk companion, Lady Jessene convinced the ruler there, King Addroran IX to allow the refugees to set sail east across the Great Ocean to the Great Continent.[5] Before they departed, the Lich-Lord Jevyan discovered that Haldric possessed the Ruby of Fire.[6]

Upon arriving at the Great Continent, Haldric appeared before the elves to negotiate the humans' place in the land. He also agreed to a Pact of Mutual Aid, whereby the elves and humans would come to each other's aid should they ever need the other's help. It was then that Aethyr arrived and covertly informed Haldric that he had been followed from the Green Isle.[7] Jessene later discovered that the elves had reconsidered upon discovering the orcs' presence on the Great Continent, and were prepared to fight the humans if it became convenient.[8]

Jessene told Haldric of the elves' betrayal, who in turn told her to hide the Ruby of Fire. He managed to defeat Jevyan's vanguard,[9] subsequently securing the beachland so that the remaining refugees still at sea could land on the western coast. Jessene asked Haldric for the plan, and Haldric took her away to speak in private.[10] He told her that he wanted to deceive Jevyan, and thus the other Lich-Lords, into believing that the elves had received the Ruby of Fire in return for the humans' place in the land. To do so, he believed that he would need to be killed by Jevyan with a forged treaty on his person, thus ensuring the subterfuge. Aethyr, who had eavesdropped on the conversation, insisted on taking Haldric's place, causing Haldric to eventually relent.[11] Haldric then brought his forces south to meet Jevyan in battle.[12]


  • Commander Aethyr sacrifices himself to Lich-Lord Jevyan and
  • Destroy Lich-Lord Jevyan and
  • Defeat all enemy leaders except for one
  • Death of Prince Haldric
  • Death of Lady Jessene
  • Death of Commander Aethyr by somebody other than Jevyan
  • Fail to leave one enemy leader behind
  • Turns run out
  • This is the last scenario.

Once at the beach, they saw Jevyan was supported by four orcish warlords: Tan-Vragish, Ut'Tan-Grorag, Tan-Erinak, and Tan-Prodash. Jevyan offered to leave if Haldric gave him the Ruby of Fire, but Haldric told him of the fictitious exchange of possession of the artifact with the elves. Jevyan was skeptical of Haldric's claims, but was nonetheless to kill the humans anyway. Before they engaged in battle, Haldric made sure that Aethyr was prepared with the forged treaty. As they charged against Jevyan's forces, both undead and orcish, their advance was delayed by three cuttle fish, consisting of Squiddy, Inky, and Beaky, destroying the nearby bridges.[12]

While fighting ensued, Abraxas happened across the fight and offered to lend his aid to Jevyan in order to take revenge on Haldric. Jevyan also constantly raised the dead throughout the battle to fight against Haldric's men. In spite of these complications, the first part of the plan worked when Aethyr engaged Jevyan personally in battle. Jevyan slew Aethyr and obtained the forged treaty. Finally fooled by the subterfuge, word spread to the orcish chieftains of the elves' supposed possession of the Ruby of Fire.[12]

As promised, Haldric slew Jevyan before he could reanimate Aethyr body. Before Jevyan died, he planted a curse upon Haldric's bloodline with his dying breath.[d] Haldric also managed to destroy all of the orcish warlords except for one, who considered the battle to be a lost cause, subsequently fleeing by ship back to the Green Isle. With the bottle won, Haldric asked his closest friends to come together, bury Aethyr's body, and discuss their future.[12]


  1. ^ Typhon's merfolk were recruitable only on easy difficulty. On other difficulties, only merfolk veterans could be recalled.[13]
  2. ^ a b c d These units did not appear on easy difficulty.
  3. ^ a b These units only appeared on hard difficulty.
  4. ^ It is unclear as to whether these curses had any effect on Haldrid.


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