The Rise of Wesnoth

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This article is about the campaign. For the scenario, see The Rise of Wesnoth (scenario).
The Rise of Wesnoth

Prince Haldric


The Rise of Wesnoth is a campaign documenting the migration of humans from the Green Isle to the Great Continent, led by Prince Haldric, and the subsequent founding of the Kingdom of Wesnoth.

The story begins during a war between Southbay and the Wesfolk, causing the Wesfolk's Lich-Lords to open gateways for armies of orcs to pour through on the Green Isle. The plot revolves around Haldric, who was forced to leave behind his sovereign father and lead the people of Stormvale south. When circumstance demanded that Haldric take an alternative route through the Oldwood Forest, he was able to retrieve the Ruby of Fire, a Lich-Lord artifact. He arrived at Clearwater Port, then continued to Southbay.

On the advice of Lady Jessene, Haldric set sail eastward, bringing the Green Isle survivors with him. Upon arriving at the Great Continent, he was assigned four quests to complete before being allowed to settle in the land, courtesy of the elves. He found out, however, that the powerful Lich-Lord Jevyan had followed him, desiring the Ruby of Fire. Haldric hastened west, fighting against large numbers of orcs and undead, and eventually managed to destroy Jevyan, and in the process, convince the surviving orcs that he had given the Ruby of Fire to the elves. He founded the Kingdom of Wesnoth.



  • Prince Haldric is the chief protagonist of The Rise of Wesnoth campaign. He was forced to evacuate the people of Stormvale after its invasion by the orcs. He also led them across the Great Ocean to the Great Continent, where he founded the Kingdom of Wesnoth, becoming its first king.
  • Lady Jessene is the deuteragonist of the campaign. She was originally a Wesfolk noblewoman forced to flee her homeland after her Lich-Lord masters allowed orcs to enter the Green Isle. She allied herself with Haldric, helping him to reach the Great Continent. She eventually married Haldric and became Wesnoth's queen consort.
  • Commander Aethyr was a Clearwater lieutenant left in charge of the kingdom's port after the death of their king. He died in service of Wesnoth by allowing his death to serve as a subterfuge against the Lich-Lord Jevyan's orcs.
  • King Eldaric IV was the King of Stormvale and father of Haldric. He reigned until Stormvale's invasion by the orcs, after which he died to delay the orcs pursuit his kingdom's refugees.
  • King Addroran IX was the King of Southbay, the most powerful of the Green Isle kingdoms. He helped evacuate his people from the Green Isle, remaining behind to hold back the humans' aggressors.
  • The Second Crown Prince of Southbay was one of Addroran's sons, and the person who began the Second Wesfolk War. He was slain and resurrected as a death knight for Jevyan's amusement.
  • Minister Edren was a white mage who resided in a temple within the Swamp of Esten. If Haldric's people went through the swamp, he accompanied them to the Great Continent.
  • Sir Ruddry was a knight and member of the Clearwater expeditionary force. If Haldric's people went through the Swamp of Esten, he accompanied them to the Great Continent.
  • Sir Ladoc was a knight of Southbay. If Haldric's people went through the Midlands, he accompanied them to the Great Continent.


  • The Lich-Lord Jevyan is the chief antagonist of campaign. He was one of the Lich-Lords who ruled over the Wesfolk. He formed an alliance with the orcs against the humans, pursued Haldric over the Great Ocean, but was eventually slain.
  • The Lich-Lord Caror was a Lich-Lord and leader of the Wesfolk. He also wrote the Book of Fire and Darkness, a treatise on the Ruby of Fire. For this artifact, he was killed by Haldric.
  • The Lich-Lord Lenvan was a Lich-Lord and leader of the Wesfolk. He was the last of the Lich-Lords to possess the Ruby of Fire, but was slain for it by Haldric.


  • Lord Typhon was a merman who aided the people of the Green Isle in their voyage to the Great Continent as part of a trade agreement.
  • Lady Dionli was an elvish lady and member of the Ka'lian who helped provide a land in which the Green Isle refugees could settle.
  • Elilmaldur-Rithrandil was an ancient wose who resided in the Oldwood Forest, helping Haldric to obtain the Ruby of Fire from within the Oldwood catacombs.
  • Burin the Lost was a dwarvish adventurer, originally from the Great Continent, who accompanied Haldric from the Broken Mountains back to his homeland.


A Summer of Storms

Main article: A Summer of Storms

During the summer harvest, a group of Wesfolk seized the Kingdom of Stormvale's Nothern Keep. King Eldaric IV allowed his son, Prince Haldric to lead a retaliatory assault. They defeated the Wesfolk, and captured their leader,[1] later revealed to be Lady Jessene.[2] She explained that the Wesfolk were fleeing from their own Lich-Lords, who had opened gateways for orcs to invade the Green Isle. Eldaric accepted Jessene's surrender.[1]

The Fall

Main article: The Fall

Although Eldaric IV attempted to defend Stormvale against the orcs, his forces were routed. Before he could evacuate the populace, he realized that Jessene had returned and settled in the south pass. With Haldric's help, he successfully captured Jessene again, allowing the people of Stormvale to hasten through the south pass. Eldaric tasked Haldric with leading the refugees south while he held the orcs back.[3]

A Harrowing Escape

Main article: A Harrowing Escape

While traveling through the Southern Pass, the refugees were blocked by a group of orcs. Haldric's army were forced to clear the way, although they received help from Burin the Lost, a dwarf, who lived in the surrounding mountains. Upon defeating the orcs, Haldric was forced to choose between traveling southeast through the Midlands or southwest through the Swamp of Esten.[4]

The Swamp of Esten

Main article: The Swamp of Esten
signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric chose to travel southeast
The refugees then came to the swamp of Esten. Shortly thereafter, they found Minister Edren in one of the temples. Bringing Edren along with them, they fought their way through various undead forces, finding and killing the three cultists who occupied the swamp, allowing the refugees to pass through. Before they could proceed, they were intercepted by Sir Ruddry, who warned Haldric of forces blocking the path to Clearwater Port, forcing the refugees to make a detour through the Oldwood Forest.[5]

The Midlands

Main article: The Midlands
signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric chose to travel southwest
The refugees then arrived at the Midlands, which had been sacked by a group of orcs. Haldric's men swiftly responded by killing the orcish warlords there. Before they could proceed, they were intercepted by Sir Ladoc, who warned Haldric of forces blocking the path to Southbay, forcing the refugees to make a detour through the Oldwood Forest.[6]

The Oldwood

Main article: The Oldwood

The Stormvale refugees arrived at the Oldwood Forest, where they were asked by Elilmaldur-Rithrandil to help his fellow woses resist a group of invading orcs. Haldric successfully drove the orcs out of the forest. Elilmaldur-Rithrandil offered to help Haldric on his journey by opening a temple's catacombs, wherein Haldric could retrieve the Ruby of Fire.[7]

Temple in the Deep

Main article: Temple in the Deep

Haldric's fighting men descended into the catacombs of the temple, causing the Lich-Lord Lenvan to attempt an escape. Haldric managed to hold back Lenvan's undead forces and killed Lenvan, stealing the Ruby of Fire before returning to the surface with his men.[8]

Return to Oldwood

Main article: Return to Oldwood

Haldric's fighting men emerged victorious from the Catacombs, where they were greeted by Elilmaldur-Rithrandil. Before they could proceed towards Southbay, Haldric was confronted by Jessene, who informed him that there was an army of orcs blocking the path to Southbay, and that they should travel to Clearwater Port instead. To earn his trust, she revealed her identity as a former Wesfolk princess.[2]

Clearwater Port

Main article: Clearwater Port

Haldric led his refugees to Clearwater Port, where they learned that the king had been slain in battle against the orcs and the nobles had fled, leaving Commander Aethyr in charge of the evacuation efforts. Aethyr requested that Haldric help protect the port while the final boatloads of refugees departed. Haldric agreed, and held out for as long as possible before setting sail, deciding to travel by Fallen Lich Point to retrieve the Book of Fire and Darkness.[9]

Fallen Lich Point

Upon arriving at Fallen Lich Point, Haldric uttered the magic words which released the Lich-Lord Caror. Haldric's men killed Caror, and were thus able to steal the Book of Fire and Darkness, a tome documenting the use of the Ruby of Fire. They then managed to get past a group of orcs and enter the sewer of Southbay.[10]

Sewer of Southbay

Main article: Sewer of Southbay

Upon entering the sewer of Southbay, Haldric's forces encountered twin magi who had been previously banished into the sewers. They sensed the Ruby of Fire, determined to obtain it for themselves. Despite this, Haldric defeated the two magi and successfully navigated to the sewer exit in Southbay.[11]

Southbay in Winter

Main article: Southbay in Winter

Once Haldric's men emerged from the sewers, they sought an audience with King Addroran IX. He was initially opposed to protecting the Wesfolk, but relented when Jessene offered to help, revealing that she was the First Crown Prince of Southbay's navigator, helping him to reach the Great Continent. They decided that they would defend Southbay against the orcs long enough to reprovision their ships.[12]

A Final Spring

Main article: A Final Spring

As spring came, a number of orcs laid siege to Southbay, forcing Haldric to help Addroran to mount a defense. During the fight, Lord Typhon appeared and negotiated a deal with Jessene for aid. Shortly thereafter, the Lich-Lord Jevyan appeared, confirming fears that the orcs were in league with the Lich-Lords. He was able to sense the Ruby of Fire. Though Jevyan left a handful of undead forces on the battlefield, Haldric defeated the orcs and was able to set sail.[13]

Peoples in Decline

Main article: Peoples in Decline

Haldric's fleet of ships eventually arrived at the northernmost island of Morogor, formerly visited by the First Crown Prince of Southbay. When diplomacy efforts failed, Haldric had no choice but to pacify the drakes before he was able to reprovision his ships and set sail east once more.[14]

Rough Landing

Main article: Rough Landing

After particularly severe weather, Haldric's fleet were scattered. With Typhon's help, he attempted to regroup his ships at a nearby archipelago, inhabited by hostile nagas. Haldric fought against the nagas and defeated them, allowing him to set sail again.[15]

A New Land

When Haldric laid anchor on the shores of the Bay of Pearls, he encountered a hostile alliance of elves and dwarves. As fighting was about to break out, Lady Dionli appeared and ordered that the two sides cease further combat, telling the humans to accompany her to a meeting of the Ka'lian in the Grey Woods.[16]

The Ka'lian

Haldric was brought before the Ka'lian, consisting of Dionli, Lord Logalmier, Lord Aryad, and Lord El'Isomithir. They negotiated that in order for Haldric to be permitted to settle in the Great Continent, he would need to complete four quests, each set by the different councilors. After completing the tasks, he was awarded elvish land. Before leaving the Ka'lian, Haldric was met by Aethyr who revealed that they had been followed from the Green Isle.[17]

The four quests

The order of the following events is contingent on in-game decisions.
icon-editor.png Haldric killed the Dragon
Logalmier tasked Haldric with traveling to the Green Swamp to defeat Shek'kahan. Haldric entered the Green Swamp, where Shek'kahan was defended by numerous saurian minions. Despite this, Haldric slew Shek'kahan.[17][18]
icon-editor.png Haldric drove away the metal-trading saurians
Dionli tasked Haldric with clearing a nearby beach of saurians on the western coast, who were engaging in metal trading with the nagas. Haldric traveled to the beach and drove out the saurians, despite facing opposition from the nagas.[17][19]
icon-editor.png Haldric eradicated the trolls
Aryad tasked Haldric with clearing out a problematic troll-hole in the Brown Hills. Haldric entered the troll-hole and slayed both of the incumbent troll leaders, before returning to the surface.[17][20]
icon-editor.png Haldric ended the curse upon the Isle of Tears
El'Isomithir tasked Haldric with sailing to the Isle of Tears and ending an undead curse over the elves who once lived there. Upon arriving, Haldric was able to defeat the various undead forces.[17][21]

A Spy in the Woods

Main article: A Spy in the Woods

Jessene remained behind as a spy, suspicious of the elves. She discovered that Logalmier had discovered the arrival of the orcs, and that the Ka'lian were willing to betray the humans and attack them if they were sufficiently weakened by the orcs. Realizing this, she hastened back to reveal this news to Haldric.[22]

The Vanguard

Main article: The Vanguard

Jessene caught up with Haldric, who was preparing to resist the orcish vanguard, warning him of the elves' potential betrayal. Haldric managed to defeat the orcs, who had bought the cooperation of the trolls, and were supported by multiple teams of undead.[23]

Return of the Fleet

Main article: Return of the Fleet

Haldric reached the shore of the Great Continent, where Jevyan's forces had been stationed in order to prevent Haldric's remaining refugee ships from landing. In spite of Jevyan's interference, and a group of saurians retaliating, Haldric defeated Jevyan's forces there, allowing his ships to land. He asked for a private audience with Jessene to plan his next move.[24]

The Plan

Main article: The Plan

Haldric told Jessene that he intended to plant a fake treaty on his body, describing a fictitious exchange of possession of the Ruby of Fire with the elves, and that upon being killed, he would persuade the Lich-Lords to divert their energy away from the humans. Jessene attempted to stop him, but Aethyr revealed he had eavesdropped and persuaded Haldric to allow him to take Haldric's place in the ruse.[25]

The Rise of Wesnoth

Haldric's forces met the bulk of Jevyan's army at Jevyan's landing site. Jevyan was skeptical of Jessene's claims that they had given away the Ruby of Fire, and the two sides met in battle. During the fight, according to plan, Aethyr was killed by Jevyan, deceiving Jevyan and his orcish followers that the elves now had the ruby. Haldric slew Jevyan and routed the orcs, only allowing a single warlord to escape in the hope that he would spread word of the fictitious exchange.[26]


Haldric was joined by his closest companions to bury Aethyr. He revealed the subterfuge he had engineered against the elves, making them swear to secrecy. Haldric founded the Kingdom of Wesnoth, becoming its first king. He also proposed to Jessene, making her the first queen consort of Wesnoth.[27]


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