Swamp of Esten

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This article is about the swamp. For the scenario, see The Swamp of Esten.
Swamp of Esten

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The Swamp of Esten on a map of the Green Isle.

The Swamp of Esten was a river road that had been turned into a swamp during the Wesfolk War.


Prince Haldric and his men enter the Swamp of Esten.
I have a very bad feeling about this. This awful swamp and its crazy cult...
—Prince Haldric leads his refugees into the Swamp of Esten.

The greatest river on the Green Isle had a road passing across it to Clearwater Port in the southeast. During the Wesfolk War, however, the Lich-Lords befouled much of the land surrounding the river during a great battle. To the north stretching to the west of the new swamp lay the Broken Mountains, while the Oldwood Forest was to its east and the Midlands to its south. As a result, a number of Wesfolk-imitating cultists moved into the swamp. The swamp was also home to Minister Edren, who resided within a temple therein. Due to the cultists' presence on the river road, Clearwater would clear the swamp twice a year. When the orcs invaded the Green Isle, the swamp was neglected, however, allowing cultists Cleon, Lollyra, and Clurka to grow in strength.[1]

signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric chose to travel southeast
Prince Haldric of Stormvale led his kingdom's refugees through the Swamp of Esten. He found Edren, who had been hiding within the temple waiting for Clearwater's forces to arrive. Together, they fought against the cultists, defeated them, and thus allowed the refugees to pass through safely.[1]

Though Haldric had not expected the orcs to travel through the swamp,[2] they did, but were intercepted by the forces of Clearwater as they exited. The ensuing battle pushed the orcs temporarily back into the swamp until orcish reinforcements arrived and helped defeat Clearwater's troops.[3]


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