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This page is meant to be a list of spelling mistakes in campaigns and other translatable texts in the en_US development version of the game.

Note: The house style of Wesnoth uses a good many words and constructions that are archaic, poetic, or dialectal. If you speak modern English as a second language you may incorrectly read these as errors. Please see NotSpellingMistakes for a list of things you will encounter that may look like spelling or usage errors but are not. Note that the mainline campaigns are now using correct typography, including sexed quotes and en and em dashes. These will appear as three byte sequences if you are not using a viewer that supports UTF-8.

Mainline Campaigns

An Orcish Incursion

Line 521: He died on the spot, with no a chance to issue last commands or farewells. -> He died on the spot, with not a chance to issue last commands or farewells.

Line 532: We can’t carry on Lord, the men are to tired. -> We can’t carry on Lord, the men are too tired.

Dead Water

Delfador's Memoirs

Descent into Darkness

Eastern Invasion

Heir to the Throne


In Peasant Huntsman discription : "They can bullseye wamprats..." wamprats is right? I guess it is typo of swamp rat or womp rat

Northern Rebirth

Sceptre of Fire

Son of the Black Eye

The Hammer of Thursagan

The Legend of Wesmere

The Rise of Wesnoth

The South Guard

Two Brothers

Under the Burning Suns

Desert Shaman unit description in the help menu:

"Their entangling attack slows enemies down and reduces by one the number of times they may attack."

This seems to be incorrect - slowing halves the damage dealt by the unit, but doesn't reduce the number of attacks.

Wesnoth Game



Gameplay, Recruiting and Recalling. The word 'square' is used (3 times). It should be replaced with 'hex'.

Text for Straight Path starts with a single quote (').

'The drakish tradition...

Drakes' encyclopaedia, Recorder - should be probably "who":

A Recorder is a Drakish scrollkeeper whose has mastered...





1.10 Announcement

Other (unit descriptions, ...)

Multiplayer maps

Translation code bugs

Unofficial campaigns

Invasion from the unknown