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This page is meant to be a list for mistakes in campaigns and other texts in the en_US version of the game.

An Orcish Incursion

Descent into Darkness

Eastern Invasion

Heir to the Throne

Northern Rebirth

Sceptre of Fire

Son of the Black Eye

The Hammer of Thursagan

The Rise of Wesnoth

The South Guard

Two Brothers

Under the Burning Suns




1.4 Annuncement

  1. ../template.html:111

"New maps and multiplayer campaigns: Auction-X, Dark Forecast Hamlets, " "Mokena Prairie, The Manzivan Traps, Xanthe Chaos, . Revised maps: " "Alirok Marsh (formerly Triple Blitz), " "Amohsad Caldera, Blue Water Province, Castle Hopping Isle, Caves of the " "Basilisk (formerly Blitz), Crossing, Crusaders " "Fields, Cynsaun Battlefield, Den of Onis, Fallenstar Lake (formerly " "Meteor Lake), Forest of Fear, Freelands (formerly " "Charge), Hexcake, Hornshark Island, Island of the " "Horatii, King of the Hill, Lagoon, Loris River, Merkwuerdigliebe, Morituri, " "Paths of Daggers, Sablestone Delta, Siege Castles, Silverhead, Sulla's " "Ruins, Waterloo Sunset, Wesbowl."

  1. Extra useless spaces in many places
  2. Missing comma before Hamlets
  3. Should be no comma and space after Xanthe Chaos
  4. Missing "Weldyn Channel" before (formerly Blitz)

Other (ingame help, ...)

Translation code bugs