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This page is meant to be a list of mistakes in campaigns and other texts in the en_US development version of the game.
This page is meant to be a list of mistakes in campaigns and other translatable texts in the en_US development version of the game.
==An Orcish Incursion==
==An Orcish Incursion==

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This page is meant to be a list of mistakes in campaigns and other translatable texts in the en_US development version of the game.

An Orcish Incursion

In the preamble to scenario 3, there is one verb in present tense. It should be past tense, like everything else.

"The signs were obvious and unmistakable - tree stumps, an occasional half-rotten tree felled long ago, and dead wood around them in scarce grass. This had been forest once, like the woods they called home. It has been murdered."

"It had been murdered."

Delfador's Memoirs

A human mage... is it dead? scenarios/08_ur_thorondor.cfg:261


  • melinath says: This is probably not a typo! It looks more like a purposeful move to show that the orcs don't value human life.

No! it's all over! utils/death:107

it's -> It's

endless steam of undead scenarios/16_dark_sky_over_weldyn.cfg:55

steam -> stream

Scenario 18, line 413/414: id/name mismatch. id=Skoogan name=_ "Skoogal"

Scenario 19, line 212: missing period at the end of the quoted text.

Descent into Darkness

Eastern Invasion

v 1.7.1 In Northern Outpost, scenario objectives window shows tags in title. After several viewings, the objectives window shows no title.

Heir to the Throne


The first storyline phrases are:

"In the Era of Turmoil, during the reign of King Garard II, the border towns of Delwyn and Dallben in the province of Annuvingrew increasingly dissatisfied with the King's rule. Being preoccupied with the great wars, the King was unable to send adequate forces to protect the frontier."

but I think that "Being preoccupied with the great wars" should be substituted with "Being worried about the (upcoming?) great wars", since "preoccupied" is not so common in English.

  • lotsofphil says: I disagree. I think there is nothing wrong with preoccupied.
  • melinath uses preoccupied quite often and sees nothing wrong with its use.

Scenario 6 is called "The Gray Woods." Gray should be spelled with an E since that is how it is on the map. So...

  • Changes in Scenario 5
    • next_scenario=the_grey_woods (line 4)
    • "Well, good thing I found you first. Now hurry, you must make it past the city into the Grey Woods.
  • Changes in Scenario 6
    • name = _ "The Grey Woods"
    • map_data="{campaigns/Liberty/maps/gray_woods.map}" (if you want)
    • "The defeat of the evil lich infesting the Grey Woods was a bittersweet victory. With Helicrom dead, "
  • Changes in Scenario 7
    • "Baldras and his men quickly left the Grey Woods, not entirely convinced of their safety even after eradicating the lich."
    • "As they marched, many men and women from the small hamlets peppering the area around Carcyn and the Grey Woods approached the group, "

Northern Rebirth

#. [message]: speaker=narrator
#: data/campaigns/Northern_Rebirth/scenarios/13a_Showdown.cfg:721
msgid ""
"Ro'Arthian's brother, Ro'Sothian went south with another crew of trolls, "
"ogres and mages. Tallin himself led the western group."
In version 1.6 its Anita=Eryssa, who leads the southern forces, not Ro'Sothian.
BTW:  She got 100 gold only and was no big use, maybe I squandered it in the scenario before - there she started  with 500 gold.

"...as you command ...Master." -> "...as you command...Master." scenario/06b_Slave_of_the_Undead.cfg:27

Sceptre of Fire

In Scenario 1, "elves" is incorrectly capitalized.

"I was never among those who agreed to that treaty. Not all of us Elves are as low as Kalenz, or make deals with those who betrayed us."

Scenario 7 is called "Outriding the Outriders" but the name of the file is trunk/data/campaigns/Sceptre_of_Fire/scenarios/7_Outriding_of_Outriders.cfg

Throughout the campaign, the capitalization of the Ruby of Fire and the Sceptre of Fire are confused. If Sceptre of Fire is capitalized, then "the Sceptre" should be too.

In Scenario 8, "elvish" is incorrectly capitalized. "Thus Alanin escaped from his Elvish pursuers."

In Scenario 2t, there is an "an" where there should be an "a":

  • "He gave us a magical stone, called the 'Ruby of Fire', and told us to make an sceptre out of it"

In Scenario 3t, the "Eastern Mines" are capitalized once and not another time. Pick one:

  • "Fine, you all go to the eastern mines."
  • "Durstorn, send some miners along with us to the Eastern Mines"

It's not capitalized twice in the next scenario, so go for no caps.

In Scenario 5, dwarves shouldn't be capitalized

  • "Aha! I've spent years looking for you Dwarves"

In Scenario 6, sceptre is misspelled

  • "if he wants his scepter intact he'd best send troops to meet us there."

Son of the Black Eye

Scenario 6, east is improperly capitalized: "When we realized that there was no way we could hold the humans off, we sent them East to a place near the Mourned Hills"

Scenario 8: River should be capitalized. "A lot of hunters from the tribes used to hunt here and fish in the Bork river."

Scenario 10: River should be capitalized. "The fortified bridge over the Bork river"

Scenario 13:

  • Northern should not be capitalized. "the first snows of the long Northern winter began to fall."
  • river Bork should be Bork River. "the orcs sailed up the river Bork"

Scenario 15: Whipping (or whooping) is misspelled. I think it should be whipping. "How about we warm ourselves up a bit by giving these traitors a good whopping, boys?"

The Hammer of Thursagan

In Scenario 3, Strange Allies, the word "marsh" is typo-ed as "march".

"Soon enough they came to the wilder march country, where raids by large bands of hostile orcs and men were all too common."

The Legend of Wesmere

In Scenario 1, "elves" is capitalized a couple of times when it shouldn't be.

  • Some changes were good. The Elves, awakened as from a long dream, began to increase in population.
  • This is the story of Kalenz, and of the Elves in the days of the humans in Wesnoth.

It is like capitalizing "humans."

The Rise of Wesnoth

The South Guard


"Peace! for I am no enemy. -> "Peace! For I am no enemy.


The B in Mal M'Brin is capitalized everywhere except in the epilogue.

  • "A great cry they let out as they stormed the encampment of Mal M'brin himself, and threw down the mighty wizard."
  • should be
  • "A great cry they let out as they stormed the encampment of Mal M'Brin himself, and threw down the mighty wizard."

Same error in scenario 5


       id="Mal M'brin"
       name= _ "?"

Two Brothers

In the preamble to scenario 2, the "Grey Woods" are referred to as the "Gray Woods". The former is correct since that's how it is spelled on the map.

"The pursuit had already run for several days when the pursuers came to the bounds of the huge forest known as the Gray Woods. Ancient tales warned of lost souls haunting the wood, hunting and killing anyone brave enough to enter it."

Under the Burning Suns

in the Scenario 7 "Speaking with trolls" (or similar), I cannot recruit because I have no gold left - although it is intended that I may recruit any unit I want to take the sword of fire. crommy



On the turn after you recruit the elves, if you attack the quintain with Konrad, Delfador will say "Your elf used a sword...". He should say nothing, or perhaps say something along the lines of "Try attacking the quintain with one of your elves."

It's supposed to say "You wouldn't do anything stupid like charging that quintain yourself again, now would you? Use the fighters you recruited first; they'll be a lot of help." according to the .po files. Polarina 23:02, 4 April 2009 (UTC)


"it will heal it 4 hitpoints per turn." -> "she will heal it 4 hitpoints per turn."



1.8 Announcement

Other (ingame help, ...)

In the Display tag of the Preferences dialog, the first line says, "Toggle Full Screen". That can be slightly confusing (or at least strange) because all of the options are toggles. It should just read, "Full Screen".

Actually, I think it should read "Show Full Screen" to remain consistent with the other check boxes. However, I do agree that the word "toggle" is not best suited here. —Ancestral 21:02, 8 July 2009 (UTC)

From: An elf practiced at archery can hit targets that a man couldn't even see, even at night

To: An elf practiced at archery even at night can hit targets that a man couldn't even see,

Translation code bugs

Unofficial campaigns

Invasion from the unknown