Second Wesfolk War

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Second Wesfolk War



The second Wesfolk War was the second major conflict between Prince Haldric's people and the Wesfolk. It was started by the first Crown Prince of Southbay as a war of distraction, but resulted in the Lich-Lords opening gateways and allowing masses of orcs to invade the Green Isle, resulting in the island's eventual downfall.


The second Crown Prince of Southbay chafes under suspicion of murder.
The new Crown Prince departed with the largest army ever assembled on the Isle to make war with the Wesfolk.
—Lore describes the second Crown Prince of Southbay's attack on the Wesfolk.

After the Wesfolk lost the first Wesfolk War and were pushed into more marginal lands, a peace was achieved, albeit one of uncertainty. Now in a state of poverty, the Wesfolk continued to raid Prince Haldric's people. Meanwhile, the elder son of King Addroran IX from Southbay died under suspicious circumstances, leading suspicion to fall upon his brother. The new Crown Prince of Southbay decided to start a war of distraction by attacking the Wesfolk kingdoms once more.[1]

After assembling the largest army to have walked the face of the Green Isle, he advanced on the Wesfolk.[1] The might of Southbay was great enough to force the Wesfolk's Lich-Lord masters into desperation, risking their lives to open gateways to the Old Continent, allowing orcs to amass on the Green Isle.[2] The tides turned against the Crown Prince, who was killed and reincarnated by the Lich-Lord Jevyan. The orcs cooperated with the Lich-Lords,[3] although were less tolerant of the human Wesfolk. Betrayed by their masters, the Wesfolk fled as refugees before the orcs,[2] ending the war in approximately 2BW.[4]


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